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Treat Night


Where's Skinny Minnie?
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Does anybody do this after weigh in? I've been talking to the guys at my group and we've got divided opinions. I don't as I'm a tortoise when it comes to weight loss anyway and would be petrified that I'd have a gain. My sister in law thinks that weeks when you have a big blow out boost your loss the next week as you force your body to re-evaluate and the shock pushes your metabolism. What do you guys think and what have your experiences been?

Also, I'm very cross as I only needed 2lb for my stone tonight and I lost..... 1.5!!!! Aaargh. My sister in law lost 2.5 and said she didn't stick to plan at all on NYE or NYD - hence the blowout discussion.
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awww well done for your loss, how frustrating! You're very nearly there tho hun, you've done so well!!!

As for treat night yes i do have a treat once a week...i either have a kebab or chinese followed by a naughty chocolate bar.
That satisfys me for the rest of the week and it doesnt effect my losses.
You'll find many on here have treats after WI too...
good luck
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i can see both sides of the story, sometimes i stick to plan 100% and dont loose and then i went on holiday, had a huge blow out and lost .5lbs! i dont have a 'treat night' as i usually feel quite inspired when i leave sw however some days ill go over my syns on a weekend. i know a lot of people eat what they want after weigh in but i never feel the need


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yes i do and always have - it doesn't seem to affect my loses. i now do BO online but when i went to class it would finish at 7.30 and i would head straight to the fish n chip shop - i would ALWAYS bump into several people from class there! even the consultant!!!

i'm now a bit better and leaving my treat night for the weekend which i enjoy and look forward to. dont forget life is for living and if you want a treat once a week then have it and enjoy it!


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If I want something, I have it...but as I've found my tastes have totally changed since being on plan, and I very rarely fancy anything I 'shouldn't' be having. Certainly, I eat 'normally' all week round, and don't act any differently before or after my WI.


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yes i do ive just polished of a pizza lol

Mrs V

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I dont. Even when I used to attend class, I wont stray and from Feb 1st - Oct 10th, I lost 5 stone (that was 2 years ago mind!!).
Im one of those people that only has to look at a cake and gain 7lbs, so I would rather not risk it! Some people can get away with it though and it doesnt affect them.
Why not experiment and see what would happen? It would mean that you have to stick to the plan 100% though for the rest of the time.

Good luck!!



Finding inspiration
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It is not unusual for me to have a chinese at a weekend with the b/f. Though I get a chow mein of some sort as a rule, then it feels like I'm not straying too badly. Sometimes I even get a kebab, but I don't eat the bread, or not all of it anyway. Though I might have a few chips (we'll share a portion). There's a place near me that does a tandoori chicken kebab and it has giant lumps of chicken cooked to order, not the stuff that's shaved off that big spindle thing. It's FAB and if I don't eat the bread, I don't feel like I've gone off plan too much (on a red day).

Saying that, I had a tube of Pringles Rice Infusions at New Years and I gave the rest of the tube to my b/f to take home so it wasn't sitting in my house tempting me. I was round there the there the other evening and there they still were. I thought "I'll just have a couple...". Well, that was it. I was like the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street. I ate the remainder of the tube almost in one go. I couldn't stop! :eek: It's my first post-Christmas weigh in tonight. We'll just have to see how it goes!


soon to be skinny minnie
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I tried this but it just sent me on a downward spiral so now that i am back on plan i'm going to try and stop the treat on weigh in night.


Mad as a Hatter
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I have a treat, maybe a chinese or a couple of glasses of wine. I find that this helps me stay focussed during the rest of the week when I know that I have something to look forward to. It stops me bingeing !
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at weekend i save the days syns for the evening for vodka n diet coke n a chinese.(veg chow mein with boiled rice or chicken chow mein) thats kinda my treat, and if im feeling down or totm i have an aero mint hot choc 5syns but its so good, and gets rid of a choc craving x
I must admit I do have a bit of a blow out after WI. Always have and probably always will :sigh:
I don't always go mad, sometimes it just an extra choccy bar or a bit more cheese in my jacket but last night I had pizza and a few too many choc biscuits. :eatdrink051:
I've always done this and it's a bit of a running joke at my class that what we eat on a Tuesday doesn't count (but takes us til Saturday to lose it!!).
It's got to slow the weight loss down I guess but it has always stopped me feeling "deprived". :)


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I have 2 boxes of poppets at the weekend lol

And once a month a pizza or other delicious take away... I think if you fancy something you should have it :D

I've done well on it well apart from xmas but hey ho there was no way I was going to give my booze, choc and yummy dinner up :eek:


Where's Skinny Minnie?
S: 12st11lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st3lb(1.68%)
Thanks for all your replies, nice to get different perspectives. Jaylou, your comment about taking til Saturday to make up for going off plan is the main thing that worries me. How much would I have lost if I'd stayed on track sort of thing.

I couldn't bring myself to go completely off plan (pizza etc.) so compromised instead and had a galaxy (yum) which is 12.5 syns and something I would not normally have as I try to stick to under 10 per day and average about 7 or 8.

Made me feel quite sick (didn't stop me polishing it off though lol) so I don't think it'll be a habit but I will allow myself "a little of what you fancy" occasionally. It's taken me 2 months of 100% to shift a stone so I don't think I'm one of those people who can afford to be flexible however I agree that deprivation leads to failure and this has to be a way of life not a crash diet.

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