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Treat nights?

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Does anyone have a 'treat night' after weigh in?

I know a few people that do, they'll head straight to the chippy after weigh in and some that don't, they just mosey on as usual, using their syns as they go.

Are you one that saves up some syns to have a treat, or do you use your full syn allowance and still have something a bit naughty?

What are your fave things to have a naughty night with?

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I used to have a chippy tea after WI every week ( along with half my class !!) but this time I have decided that its not a good idea , so I now have something that I wouldnt normally but thats within 15 syns . Last week i had one of the 'Big Race ' choccie bars , 13.5 syns so allowed but felt like a real treat :D


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I did that on friday for my weigh in day. I actually regret it as I've found it so very difficult to stay on track since friday. I think this week I will save a few extra syns and just have a smaller treat, ie choccie bar, or more syns included in my meal or something. I struggled all day Saturday and picked all day yesterday, and feel it was fridays treat that started this off


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I weigh in at home on a Friday & dont have a treat because I've weighed in, but quite often after a hard week at work, hubby & I will have a SW meal & a few vino's on a Friday or Saturday night. I tend not to count the wine in my Syns (as I lose track!!!) & I have lost 2 stone so far!
S: 11st9lb C: 11st4.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st4.5lb(2.76%)
No worries :)
Just didn't think to check back. My bad really!


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I personally don't have a designated treat night as I know I would use it to munch through all my syns whether I actually wanted them or not. I tend to not have many during the week because the weekend is when I get the urge for some wine or a bit of nibbling.


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i always have a treat after weigh in either a chocolate bar or a whole feast haha!


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I used to go mad after weigh in with treats so now i have stopped as it was affecting my losses and i found it hard to stay on track aswell. Now once in a while if i craved something i would keep it for after weigh in especially is it was over my syns x


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Sometimes we do sometimes we don't. Weigh in was tonight so as my treat I've had two slices of garlic bread with my (syn free) tea which has felt really naughty but totally within my syns for the day. Having said that other nights when we really can't be bothered we'll have chippy or chinese xx


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I have 1 off plan meal on a Monday night. It's usually still Sw friendly but I'm not worrying about sauces and I inhale a lovely dessert. I do love Monday's!
As I get closer to target I may dump my naughty Monday night but until I have to I will continue to enjoy it. X


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There was a lengthy debate about this the other day - as this is an old thread you may prefer to post on the more recent one.


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I think that one got closed by a mod as it got a bit personal, if Im thinking of the right thread.


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Oh, I do love a treat night. I tend to stick to red days as from past weight loss experience carbs can really affect my losses HOWEVER if I've had a few drinks I will do a green day the following day whcih feels like a treat to me. I've avoided pasta and potato for so long that it's nice to tuck in as a hang over cure....

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