Treats and their points values


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Anyone have any suggestions?

I do enjoy my chocolate, so if anyone knows of any low point ideas then I'd love to hear them! :D

I read in one of the threads earlier on today that Cadburys Chomps are only 2 points...yum yum!

Does anyone know how many points for a Cadburys Curly Wurly?! I've just ordered some with my shopping (which is coming tomorrow) but if they're really high in points then I want to take them off my list before it's too late!
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A Curly Wurly is only 2.5 points!!! :eek: :eek:


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Oh no! I hope it's not 6 points!! :eek:

A Cadburys bar with cream egg filling is only 4.5 and feels like much more of a treat!...better change my shopping list quick, lol.

Thanks for your quick reply though :D


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definately only a couple- 2.5 points. my sis eats them from the freezer. shes on WW and they r the only choc she will eat as they r the lowest points.


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Well in that case I might just add another pack to my shopping list, ha ha ha!!

Thanks peeps - and I think I can just about forgive the Slimming World mistake, because I'm nice like that :p


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I have got one somewhere...I'm just not sure where. I have a couple of 'odds and sods' drawers so it could be in there, but those drawers are so full up and mixed about that I'm too scared to go in them, lol!

I'll have a route around for it tomorrow...get some more treat ideas, hehe.


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Well Karen, what can I say, I'm just a kind/thoughtful/accepting/forgiving/lovely kind of person...just a shame I'm a 'chubby' one eh, lol!!


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That's a good idea Fiona - I never thought of that! I didn't really the points were so low either!

Also, Tescos own small victoria sponges are 2 points each, and WW also do little cake bars (which are delicious) also in Tesco for 1.5 points each.

2 Finger KitKat - 2.5 points
Snack Time Out - 2.5 points

Can't think of anymore, but I will get back to you.


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These used to be

Crunchie. 3.5
Maltesers. 3.5
Cadbury Chomp. 2
Turkish delight. 3

:D :D


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Well Karen, what can I say, I'm just a kind/thoughtful/accepting/forgiving/lovely kind of person...just a shame I'm a 'chubby' one eh, lol!!

Hey you'll be slinky in no time!!! You've not got that much to lose hun!!!

Enjoy your curly wurly's you lucky devil!!!!!! :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous: :jelous:


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I can't do 'snack size' bars...I never seem to be able to stop at just one...or even just two, lol :eek:

I didn't realise a crunchie was only 3.5 points though...yum yum! Might treat myself to one of those one day too.

I love weight watchers! What other diet can you be on where you can still eat choc! This is my kind of diet! ;)


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Hi, my favourite choc treats are :

fun size malteasers = 2 points (if you suck them like me they last for ages!)

Alternatively I like a square of Tesco finest swiss plain choc with espresso filling, it's yummy, and 1 point a square :)

If I am in an ice cream mood, chocolate mini milk lollies are nice and only 1/2 point!

And one more, for a non-choccie sweet fix, those big pink and white marshmallow wafer sandwich things are only 1/2 point each!