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Treats for Skin

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
I am still obsessing about the skin but in a good way right now- desperate to find 'treats' that work/make a difference/just feel nice.

Here's what's working for me right now (just had a bath so it seems appropriate to post) - and wanted to share:

For tangible and definite improvements - Boots Baby Range:

Softening Oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E - I smear (sorry, had to find the most appropriate word!) this on when my skin is wet and it does seem to "lock in" moisture! If I put it on the night before, my skin feels a lot less dry the next day. I'm not sure how available this range is - these are things I found in my cupboard when moving!

For feeling and smelling gorgeous (but looking like a big fat chip so be warned):

Neal's Yard Remedies - Geranium and Orange Body Butter.

This is great for when you've had a hot bath and are happy to lie around in PJs so it can work its magic.

Body Scrub (expensive but gorgeous):

Ren (Clean Skincare) - utterly, utterly gorgeous skincare range but very expensive. This was a birthday present and have just finished it eight months later:

Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm - although it's a scrub, it does hydrate the skin and it feels fabulous after a shower.

Ren also do a fabulous body oil - Monoi Oil - but cost prevents me from buying it. I have, however, found a fabulous alternative -

The Body Shop's Spa Wisdom Range - Monoi Miracle Oil - again utterly gorgeous but very much for those fat chip moments in your life.

I did buy the Dove Firming Cream but I don't LOVE it, to be honest.

I hope these help; something for everyone - from budget to ... not so budget price ranges.

Mrs L xxxxx
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has started again!!
Thanks Mrs L. I am currently using the DOve stuff, but coming to the end of the bottle. I like the sound of the Monoi oil from The Body Shop. Will check it out..

Have to be honest, I dont think anything will sort out my bingo wings and flabby tum but at least it will be softer!
Ooh some nice things there Mrs L - I feel yet another shopping trip coming on

...and adding to that...

Bvlgari's white range ('Eau Parfumee au the blanc' to give it it's full Sunday name!) - body lotion
The most delicious smelling treat you can own! It is seriously heavenly.
Around £25

Medik8 Derma Firma range - bust firmer and toning moisturiser
The best I've ever used - major results with this stuff. It's about £50ish for both products but worth it. Order from Beauty Flash - Dermalogica & More

Nivea Firming Lotion - Q10 plus
Still not the cheapest off the shelf, but great results and by far the cheapest from this bunch - and I've tried most of the off the shelf stuff available. I do think it tones, as much as any lotion can!

And for a bit of colour, the best non streaking most natural tanning moisturiser of them all (when your skin has no tan to speak of - and lets face it, with the current endless rain it's not like we're catching any rays just now)
Dove Summer Glow body lotion. But definitely only the 'fair to normal' option, for a really stunning natural glow.

If anyone can recommend any fabulous bath treats, ie stuff to add to the bath, they would be most welcomed! I've got some nice stuff but really fancy a new big bath treat :D

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hi Girls

Well, for the ultimate in bath treats, look at Ren! They are absolutely the business! The Rose Otto Bath Oil is phenomenal - £26 per bottle from SpaceNK. I think QVC does some Ren special offers (my friend watches it and says QVC is available online). But the Ren range doesn't foam because it doesn't contain any of those particular chemicals.

I like the Radox range for cheap and cheerful, fully foaming baths. The Relax one with Juniper is particularly good. I bought the Dove bath range and I don't really like it - far too chemical, to be honest.

Sez - the Bodydoctor exercises will really help with the arms! I still haven't gone to the gym (!) but I have it on very good authority, his programme is still the best. You can do Bodydoctor exercises at home, too.

I hear the Lush bath bombs are good fun but have not tried for many years.

Mrs L xxxxx


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Rose Otto Ren bath oil - mmmmmmmmm

Lush have a choc mint ballistic at the moment that's delicious - can't remember the name. I give myself a good scrub with their Aqua Mirabilis once a week. Their Ma's Bar bath melt is great for a chocolate fix without eating!

I swear by Sanctuary at Boots' Mande Lular (I call it 'Lard' but it's much nicer than that) I smother myself in it and it has a delicious scent and it plumps up my crinkly bits. You can also get a spray on oil that is great for after the gym.


has started again!!
Mrs L "body doctor"? Not heard of it, please would you enlighten me as I will truthfully try anything right now. As said before, a gust of wind and I'd be flying!
ah now this is my specialist subject!! Have had to BAN myself from any more body lotion purchases! Just got swiss body toning cream & its nice & moisturising without being greasy! Elemis Monoi oil is absolutely to die for - like the body shop one but so thick you have to melt it!! You can use it on hair, nails & skin - when I want a treat I whack it on all over & get it everywhere & then change my sheets the next day! Its my absolute fave! Champneys bath range is great for making your skin feel silky - Sains doing a scrub, bath soak & cream for £9.99....sanctury have a new range which is yummy too! Cant remember as finished it - egyptian oil stuff but not oily!! Also found a new palmers olive oil butter which is also yummy - never liked the smell of cocoa butter! Body shop pink vitamin e stuff is good too but quite thick - shower cream v. moisturising! As for mega luxury try decleor body oil...had mine for years as so expensive rarely use it! You use the oil then put the lotion on after & thats great! Also a ymmy treat but not nes for skin improvement is clarins eau dynamissant - pamper sessions are body scrub, followed by lotion & then spray and into clean sheets & pj's smelling all delicious! How bad am I!!! No wonder I never have ay money which is why the products I have MUST be used before more are purchased!! Enjoy & let us know how people get on if they test!!
I am using Clarins products. I bought myself a course of redefining body treatments (£265 for 5 plus 1 free) when I started this and have one every month. The latest was on Saturday. Sounds expensive but you also get a loyalty card and I got an additional 70 minutes of treatments with that purchase.

Anyway, the therapist persuaded me that to maximise results you must use the products at home and I knew it was probably a way for her to get commission BUT I also thought I'd give it my best shot.

I use Body Firming Cream (which is lovely and silky smooth) and the Redefining Body lotion for abdomen and waist and I sometimes use their exfoliator before the creams.

Not sure whether or not it's making any difference. But it's good to pamper oneself when feeling deprived!

I love Lush bath ballistics and often buy waving not drowning and butterball. For exfoliation and moisture I love Buffy the Backside Slayer. You Snap the Whip is also great but you have to get over seeing your body covered in black before you wash it off.

I am thinking of buying some Bio Oil when my current supply of Clarins runs out...


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I'm a Clarins girl too, love the stuff and feel like it's doing me some good. I use the Tonic Body Treatment Oil after a shower, followed by the body firming cream and the bust gel. Shower wise I'm really into Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily - it's just gorgeous.

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