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We started having treats on a saturday night during our diet, this was usually a chocolate bar each etc, this then prgressed to a no holds barred tea, folowed by pudding.

So my question is, I have realised this diet needs to be a lifestyle change, where do we stand with treats? is once a week acceptable, if so what kind of portions are advised on SW? or in this new lifestyle, are sweets chocs and treat teas like takeaways etc totally off limits?

If its a long term fix, then a treat meal once a week seems fair, but can also contribute to throwing it all away over 1 meal, opinions please
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You can have treats as and when you want them if you count them into your syn allowance. I know people who have chocolate every night, but they count it. Some people save a few (not all) syns up so that they can have a drink at the weekend. You don't have to deprive yourself of treats... as long as they are counted in your syns. Even takeaways can be counted in :D
On the SW plan treats are definitely not off limits, you just need to be sensible about the amount you're having. As a guide you are told to enjoy between 5-15 syns every day, that could be one bar chocolate or a couple biscuits, or a large glass wine or perhaps used in cooking sauces.

If you buy the latest SW magazine there are a few syn options listed in the weekly menu plan that could give you some ideas :)

As this is a plan for life it is important that you can be flexible, there may be times when you have all your syns in one night! You just need to ensure you count your syns.

God luck!
All syns in one night? so can you actually do that?

So 15 a day x 7 = 105 per week, and u can save them ALL for one night?

That would be awesome if true, as it would give me a better guide.
Thats what i do. i dont have any sins monday to thursday, and then spread them over the weekend, usually sin chocolate and a curry! my weight loss is slow, prob 1 - 1 1/2 pounds a week, but having the sins appear to keep me on the straight and narrow!


This is really the time!
You can ask about them in the syns bit of the forum if you do not have books.

I usually stick to Rogan Josh @ 6.5 syns. I make it an extra easy day and have rice too mmmmm lol
You need to see what works for you, it's suggested you spread them over the week. I often find I just don't have that many day to day, but at the weekend or on a special night I'll have a few extra. I try and keep to the 70 for the week (ie 10 per day) but there will of course be those days when you go over it a bit. :)


This is really the time!
I guess there is always flexi syns aswell. You use flexi when you are having the odd night our or fancy a blow out. Enjoy yourself within reason, without counting, then carry on as normal the day after (back on 100% plan). This isi only to be used now and again though x
Hi nightwolf. i tend to stick to veg byriani (11 sins in the book) and bombay pots (7 sins) and I don't feel that I am going without! i will occ have a onoin bhagi(excuse spelling!) which is 8 i think. I have 15 syns a day in total. As I said, this works for me but chop and change and see what works for you.

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