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Trials and tribulations of a yo-yo-dieter part 376

Hello folks, I'm back again (not sure if there's anyone around who remembers me?).

I've started several half-hearted diet attempts over the past year and not been successful in any of them. I thus find myself this morning weighing in at the heaviest I have ever been, which was 14st 10.6lbs.

I've finally decided that I need to desperately do something about it. I'd love to have a gastric band op but I cannot afford it, instead I am sat at home getting fatter and fatter as the months go by.

I've sent my husband to Rowlands to try Celebrity Slim for as long as I can bear it, I liked the flavours of the shakes and the simpleness of the plan and I will start tomorrow.

I have just started a 6-month secondment and would love to go back to my old job having shed at least 2.5 stones. That's where I put most of my weight on through boredom eating and having so many people there who would bring food in and share it.

I hope you enjoy reading my diary and seeing the pounds drop off over the next few months *laughs hysterically*. I've got a revolting photo of me to add to this diary when I have worked out how to crop my head off and upload it (it truly is scary).

Thanks for listening.
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good luck! ive lost 40lbs in 4 months so it can be done! x
Blimey Ria, that's an amazing amount. Will have to have a nosy at some of your posts and see how you have done it.


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healthy eating and exercise, ive just reached my 3 stone lose and the last 1/2 stone has been difficult to do! Think i need to reevaluate my food and exercise regime
I seem to be able to exercise zero self control when calorie counting. I want to do Celebrity Slim for a week to get rid of my sugar cravings and then hopefully move onto calorie counting.
Good luck with Celebrity Slim! Keep posting! Kirsty xx


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deffo let us no how it goes as i was looking at CS the other day! x
Hello people of the internet! Sorry I didn't get the chance to update day 1 yesterday, but I went to see Peter Kay (supported by the legend that is Rick Astley) last night so it was late when I got home.

1. Banana shake (the shakes on CS are really nice)

2. 2 x BabyBel cheeses.

3. Mini BBQ Peperami

4. CS Mango Bar (BLEURK) this was horrible and I wont be using those again. It tasted so artificial.

5. Ditto the CS apple crumble & yoghurt bar. If possible this tasted worse than the above, left a horrible powdery aftertaste. To my utter disgust I have bought two boxes of the revolting things which totalled a tenner

6. Large hotdog in a baguette from Manchester Arena. (ok, so not strictly on the Celebrity Slim plan). I didn't have any food in the house celebrity slim worthy and only had an hour between getting home from work and setting off to Manchester.

Total Cals: 1188

Exercise: I have to walk home from work now, which is one of the reasons why I want to stick to the diet to make the exercise count. When six months is up I'll be back to getting the bus. Anyway I did three lots of walking yesterday which was about 60 minutes in total and 2.7 miles:

1. 0.3miles x 2 (a new colleague who doesn't know the area forced me to show her where the post office was) - took about 8 minutes there, and then 12 minutes back as it was all up a steep hill so we took it slowly.

2. 1.4 miles to my mums, which took 31 minutes. My ankle started hurting on the way home so had to slow down or else it would have taken less. I think it was the shoes I had on as it stopped hurting as much when I changed back into my sandals.

3. Then 0.3 miles to my own house.

4. 0.2 miles to Manchester Arena from when we had parked the car and then back.

Weight this morning is: 14st 8.4 so very pleased with that, and going down in the right direction.
Day 2.

1. Caramel Shake.

2. 2 x baby bels.

3 & 4: Skived out of work for a meeting, so ended up sitting in a coffee shop to kill time. I had a hot chocolate and my colleague's two small biscuits that he got with his coffee

5. Packet of McCoy's Salt & Vinegar Crisps (went out again straight from work and was peckish)

6. When I got home at 11pm had a tub of Heinz soup with stuffing.

Total cals: 1118

Exercise: Hard to quantify for today. We parked the car up and walked back into town and moseyed around town stopping and looking in shop windows etc, and I then got the train to the next town and walked to hubby's work to pick the car up. So perhaps a total of 30 minutes very slow, and 10 minutes quite fast.

Weight this morning 14st 8.4lbs (no movement since yesterday)

Weekends are normally my downfall as I eat if I'm sat doing nowt so will need to try and keep myself busy!
Try going for a looong walk today. Might help you, I'm trying out the eat less, move more theory and at the weekends I've been trying to knacker myself out so don't have time to think of all those naughty treats! lol :) Hope that helps xx
Day 3.

Weight today: 14st 7.8lbs (0.6lbs down on yesterday).

1. Atkins Chocolate Hazelnut bar - much nicer that the CS ones.

2. Eggs and cheese omelette

3. 2 x baby bels.

4 & 5: Kind of lost the plot in early evening. Went to the co-op for a pepper and came out having spent a tenner, £6 of which was on reduced priced malteasters (for kids treats and lunchbox) so I ended up having two of those - was very restrained, I felt. Why oh why cant I leave chocolate alone? Apart from the calorificness I have sensitive teeth so it bloody hurts!

6. Chicken fahitas for tea of which I had four, including wraps (but they were only teeny)

Total: 1295 calories.

Exercise: Nada.