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Trina's food diary


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Hi everyone,
I did it, joined my local class which was very friendly.
I brought just about all the books and calculators i could manage to hold..lol.:D
Anyway i think its gonna take me a fair while to understand this diet and all the points.
How on earth you guys manage to save and carry over points is unreal (ive mapped out my food for the rest of the day and can only just make it with my allowance:eek:).
Oh well suppose thats how we loose weight ;)
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Welcome to ww!

You'll find it gets easier and easier to get more for your points as time goes on. I've picked up loads of tips for low point options from just being on here, so I'm sure you'll do the same.

Check out the favourites and new discoveries sticky thread - there are some brilliant suggestions on there!

Good luck with it and I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on ;)
Welcome to minimins! Youll get all the support you need in between meetings from thsi place! xx


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:DI agree you will find it easier to carry points more some days than others

If you posted your daily diary people might be able to make suggestions on ways to lower the points that you might not think of, i know it helped me :D


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Well i survived my first day.....Only just though as i had to work last night so my day was from 6 in the morning through to 3 this morning...I was bliddy starving, but i didnt go over my points ( i actually saved 1 1/2).Im sure todays going to be easier. I think i'll do an online diary and hope youll read it and point me in the right direction if you can see me going the wrong way.


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Day 1 - 23 point allowance

Ok, im very unsure as to what this diet is all about but gotta start somewhere.....:eek:

Breakfast = All bran with raisins and banana

Lunch = 3 slices kingsmill crustless, 3/4 tin spaghetti

Dinner = Tesco H.L 1/4 pounder burger and /2 bag uncle bens special fried rice

Extras/Snacks = Celery,carrot sticks,fruit,L.F spread and W.W salad cream.

Points used 19.5

In all not a bad day, but i was hungry in the night (was working the night shift), but managed to survive without going over my points.


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Day 2

Much easier today, sat with my books and had a darn good read (trying to take it all in as quick as possible).
Planned all my meals for today, and again i think i managed quite well.

Breakfast = 2 x toast with marmite

Lunch = 1/4lb burger and salad, 2 x clementines

Dinner = tuna salad
Dessert = Meringue nest with WW vanilla yoghurt

Extras/snacks = banana, iced gems

Points used 21 :D


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Day 3

Feeling more confident about the diet plan today ;)

Breakfast = Rice krispies, apple

Lunch = Toast with marmite and a packet of quavers

Dinner = Mushroom stirfry, pork loin steak

Snacks/extras = milk,butter,solero,2 x clementines,snak a jack bagels,iced gems

Points used 16.5 :eek: - how did that happen??...lol


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souds like you are doing well, great you are getting your fruit in too
Thanks Cheryl, I have to say im enjoying the whole WW idea at the moment but im finding the fact there are no free foods quite hard.Still it wont take long to get used to eating less (i hope ;))


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Well done, you're doing really well, I always have a packet of quavers!
Thanks Nails....I too shall be having quavers or skips everyday, i love crisps and for 1 point a bag i could even have 2 x bags a day :eek:...lol

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