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  1. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I have trouble recording the foods I eat and I don't get much time to sit down at the PC to update properly. So I thought I would have a go at photographing my food/meals on my mobile as and when and update my diary that way :)

    I think having my visual food diary thread on the 'healthy eating' forum is best suited as I don't follow any particular diet or calorie count. I do try to eat a range of healthy foods when I can. My other aims are to;
    1. Exercise more
    2. Stop mindless eating
    3. Don't eat excessively

    Ideally, I would like to lose around 3 stone, but besides from losing weight for my wedding (Sept 2012 - I got to around 11 and a half stone) other than that I have never been lighter than that!! My body tends to like being in the high 12's/low 13's. At the moment I'm in the lower 12's.
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  3. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Okay, not a great start for my so called 'healthy eating' I had dim sum for lunch and afterwards I didn't feel so good - definitely coming down with something, so I've been on the honey and lemon teas since lunch and eating lots of hot cross buns with butter - cravings!

    Attachments of lunch should be below... trying it out!

    Ahhh! Not working - crashed! I'll see if I can upload it by PC since I'm home. So much for my photo idea :(

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  4. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Oh, it uploaded it! Even when it said error! :D
  5. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    The dim sum photo with 5 dishes was only shared by hubby and I, so I definitely over ate lunch :(
  6. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Not feeling 100% :( Thumping headache, throat is dry and getting congestion around my sinus. It's not flu, so I've been feeding it :p

    B: Crumpets x2 one with Lurpak, one with marmalade. Holy basil herbal tea.
    L: Homemade chicken broth with rice and wholemeal roll with Lurpak
    D: Spaghetti bolognese with wilted salad leaves and cheese
    S: Peppermint tea, cracker x 2, herbal medicine, about 6 throat lozenges, custard tart, 1 Roses chocolate, small glass of milk, herbal tea with honey, lemon and ginger. Paracetamol.

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  7. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I have acute laryngitis :( signed off for work until the end of the week. I haven't updated food as i've been picking here and there and not had a meal as such, exception of today's dinner. I had jacket potato beans and sausages. I had to add quite a bit of salt because I can't taste anything, being so bunged up.
  8. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Start of a new week. I'm back at work, felt exhausted on the commute. Probably take a few days to get back in the swing of things.

    Breakfast today was toast, 2 slices, both with butter, one with peanut butter, the other with a slice lean bacon and cup of tea

    Lunch: chicken & ham sub roll. 1 tomato. Homemade chicken broth.
  9. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Dinner: Chicken oyster sauce on noodles. Tuna fishcake with sweet chilli sauce.

    Snacks: Half a cheese salad sandwich. Peppermint tea. Apple. Half a cream cracker. 8 Percy (piglets)


  10. madmuppet

    madmuppet Silver Member

    am now hungrey for some dim sums lol :D

    Keep up the good work hun and hope you feel better soon x
  11. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    B: Cheese & tomato toastie. Tea with milk.
    L: yesterday's chicken & veg stir fry on noodles
    D: Chicken tomato and cheese pasta bake, with salad
    S: 2xBN biscuits,1 cracker, 1 apple, 2 peppermint teas, 2 antihistamine tablets, have an itchy rash on my face and neck and my eyes are puffy now. I think it's the cat.
  12. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Wed 30th Jan
    B: 1 thick slice toast, fried egg, 1 lean bacon and tea
    L: Baguette with brie, avocado and tomato. D coke. 1 packet Square crisps.
    D: Pork chop with roast potatoes, mixed vegetables, gravy.
    S: 4 jaffa cakes and a couple of boiled sweets

    Thursday 31st Jan
    B: 2 soft boiled eggs and 2 slice toast with Lurpak, tea.

    Starting to pick at biscuits and sweets. Also my portions have gotten bigger. I will have to keep a close eye on this.
  13. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    L: Heinz Tomato Soup, ham & salad sandwich on seeded bread.
    D: Simple chilli chicken and rice
    S: 1 homemade walnut cupcake, an apple, a large handful of kettle chips, 1 hot chocolate- made with half soya milk/half water, Peppermint tea.

    I will try to do better from tomorrow, mindless snacking has started up again. It's not TOTM cravings, because it's too early for them... next week is when the chocolate and salt cravings should be starting!:p

    I also need to up my fresh fruit/wholefoods it's not looking healthy at all!!
  14. juicygooseface

    juicygooseface ♥juicy♥

    hey hun, hope u dont mind me watching your diary here - i seem to eat like you!
    its hard to control the sweet things creeping in isnt it!i think the best thing to do is just see how your body takes it, for example, im eating less but still enjoying a bit of chocolate sometimes and if the scales dont show me that its making me lose weight when i weigh in once a week then i just adjust if you know what i mean? bet you will still lose :)
    what day do you weigh in? im sunday xxx
  15. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Hi, I weigh in on Sundays too, the idea was that I don't binge over the weekend - that logic doesn't work though! :p

    I tend to eat lots of rice and stir fry (being british born Chinese and stir fry is pretty quick) Hubby is british born Chinese/Thai and likes spicy food so our food menu mainly revolves around these types of food. Lately, I have been off my cooking so it's quite samey at the moment.

    B: 2 slices of seeded bread, 1 with peanut butter, other with apricot jam. Breakfast tea.
    L: 1 thick slice seeded bread/open sandwich with ham and avocado & Lurpak. Side of beetroot& lambs leaf salad. Diet Coke
    D: Steamed fish, (small amount of chicken) mainly vegetables stir fry in oyster sauce, 1 bowl of rice.
    S: Peppermint tea, 6 squares of cadbury's wholenut. 1 apple. 1 hot chocolate made with half soya milk and half water.

    Besides from the peppermint tea, I didn't snack until after dinner :( ahhh... I never learn could have done without it :(

    I think overall I ate less rice today, as I brought a new rice bowl, so instead of pilling it onto a large plate Iike I usually do now the idea is I have a consistant amount.


    There was lots of stir fry left over, we didn't finish it all.
  16. juicygooseface

    juicygooseface ♥juicy♥

    ooh yes the sunday weigh in plan was the same for me too - hoping itll stop me binging!!
    food looking creative :)
    what are you hoping to lose tommorow?
  17. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I don't think I would have lost anything this week :( my appetite has returned with a vengence, but my calorie burn & step count is lower than normal. I think these last 2 weeks there may have only been a couple days I have met my calorie burn. I may have put some weight on, last week I gained 0.2 of a pound.

    My food for today
    B: 1 slice seeded bread, poached egg, 1 slice processed cheese, smoked salmon, breakfast tea
    L: I didn't have any! Not intentional, ran out of time & then it was too close to dinner time
    D: Couscous stuffed cougettes, 3 chicken wings & a fish cake
    S: Peppermint tea

    I ate more couscous than in the photo, I had seconds. It had quite a bit of olive oil mixed into it so it's not as healthy as it looks. I also could have left the fish cake, but the use by date was for today so I cooked it, then ended up eating it all!

    .... I don't know if any photos are attached.... says error... if it doesn't post up i'll try later

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  18. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Same weight as last week. 173.8lbs. I'll update more info later. Need to clean the house now :(
  19. juicygooseface

    juicygooseface ♥juicy♥

    aww i stayed the same too hun, dont worry, its better than a gain :)
    foods looking interesting! :D
    i too have to clean the house now :(
    lol xxxx
  20. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    I thought I was going to gain, like I said I have been eating a lot more lately and not moving much. Anyway, much better now.
    Yesterday's dinner was a bit mix and match, I was trying to be thrifty with food close to past/best before/use by dates. I have given the fridge a thorough clean now so hopefully less food wastage.

    Sun 3rd Feb
    B: Alpen with Soya milk, Breakfast tea... then a second breakfast of coffee with Soya milk and 2/3's of a Chelsea bun
    L: Made up sweet and sour stir fry with yesterday's chicken wings mixed in! Trying to be thrifty! :eek:
    D: Grilled Lamb chops (I didn't eat the fat, but cooked with it on) couscous, halloumi and the last of the globe courgette! Yay!
    Photos should be on next post, as typing this on PC.
  21. Triplestep720

    Triplestep720 Full Member

    Today's food...
    again it's told me it has crashed... previous photos have shown up even when it's crashed, maybe it's just my phone...

    This week onwards, I'm going to...
    1) Not be so spread happy with the butter/Lurpak (eating too much bread)
    2) Not eat so much bread! Pre-sliced bread (usually medium) then I could possibly have 2 slices at a sitting, but if I'm cutting my own then 1 slice is enough! Open sandwiches are the way!
    3) Keep an eye on how many eggs I eat- weird, I could go weeks without eating one, then suddenly I've had about a month's worth in a week!

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