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Trolley Dash...


Eat to live don't live to eat!
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WOW what a day yesterday turned out to be! Luckily though I managed to get thru it without eating or feeling I had to! A Glass of wine wouldn't have gone amiss but I survived without!

So, here's what happened:

I had a call from school at around 1pm, my middle child (age 7 next week) had a fall in the school playground and banged the back of his head, so school asked me to pick him up, they said don't worry he is ok, no need for A&E, get here when you can, he just needs quiet time at home. So I finished off what I was doing at work, got to school at 1.50pm, took one look at Henry and he was pale and listless, bump much worse than school had described (not happy) so I took him straight down to the minor injuries unit 10 miles from home (our nearest A&E is 35 miles away from home!) the lovely nurse at MIU checked him over and said he was ok, mild concussion but no worrying symptoms so she said we could go home and gave me a head injury sheet and said if he has any of the listed symptoms to bring him back.

We only managed to get into the corridor and Henry was sick, so I took him straight back into the MIU where he projectile vomited, by then it was 2.45pm so they took us back in and told me we would be going via ambulance to hospital. They then checked his sats and blood pressure etc while we waited for ambulance to arrive, and at 3.20pm we were on our way! I was sat in the ambulance talking to Henry but he was only giving one word answers and was definitely not himself :( when we arrived at hospital at around 4.10pm Henry was still dazed so they got him a wheelchair and took him thru to paeds. He was checked over and then put in a side room with a video (forgot how to use them lol) and they kept checking him until 6pm when he complained he was hungry! Nurse brought him some toast and juice and said since he's perked up, if he keeps it down and his next obs are ok he can go home :) :) :)

He was discharged at about 7pm, looking and acting much like usual, and as it was 6hrs post head bump and his symptoms had eased, he would be ok but just keep an eye on him overnight. They said he had mild concussion and the vomiting was probably to do with that and delayed shock! So we went home via mcdonalds as he was still hungry, I didn't have anything tho and neither did my hubby who had met us at hospital, he waited till we got home and cooked! Got home at 8pm, had my cd soup and a bit of chicken which my lovely hubby cooked for me and a glass of tonic water (which I pretended was wine!!!)

So all is well now, he has gone off to school this morning fine, and I am happy that I didn't use it as an excuse to eat. It is nice to know that I can cope with difficult situations without bingeing and drinking alcohol :)

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Your poor little boy - I am glad he is feeling better and I'm sure everyone at school will know about his hospital adventure!

Well done to you for not hitting the MacD's or the bottle. I know I would have crumbled.


One day at a time!
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Well done to you! I'd have been so stressed that MacD would have seemed like medicine - not a good thing! I'm glad your son is better - hope he's keeping you on your toes today - and well done again, I'm so impressed that you didn't have a blip:)


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Aw poor wee guy - glad he's okay.

And well done you for remaining calm under all that pressure!


Mad as a Hatter
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We all seem to having kiddie problems this week - my 7 year old headbutted the gym floor on Tuesday and broke one of his front adult teeth in half horizontally !!

Luckily he is ok and thankfully your little one is too - they know how to make us worry don't they ?


hoping for a good loss
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Poor little man. I am glad he is ok.

Well done for not caving in, would have been so easy to have done so

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