Trying to combine Slimfast and Calorie Counting?

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by scarymary, 18 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. scarymary

    scarymary Full Member

    Hi guys,

    Ive started slimfast this morning and wondered if all you calorie counters could help me??? Im allowed 2 slim fast meals a day (about 205kcals each), 3 x 100kcal snacks and 600kcals for my dinner.

    Now I wondered if I continued to use the slimfast meals and spread out my 900kcals would I get the same results?

    Any opinions or advice?
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Yes, no reason why it shouldn't work. Slimfast is just another way of calorie counting, without the hassle of working out the breakfast and lunch calories :)
  4. scarymary

    scarymary Full Member

    Gr8! KD you always have words of wisdom!

    Can I ask another question then.....when your calorie counting do I have to watch grammes of carbs and fat too? Not sure what to go by?

  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    :D Today is a good day. Tomorrow could be different :D

    In terms of what the scales say, it wont make any difference, but the scales don't tell the full story.

    To lose weight you need to restrict calories. To help protect lean mass (which is incredibly important when you are dieting, you need adequate protein. This helps reduce hunger too.

    To get more food for your calories, you don't want too much fat as fat has more calories per gram.

    But, don't worry too much, just bear it in mind when you make choices :)
  6. Sattsy

    Sattsy Full Member

    Hi Scary Mary

    I too am on slimfast but I also calorie count. I write everything down that goes in my mouth and work out the calories. If Im making food from scratch I weigh everything out and work out the calories. It doesnt take as long as it used to as Im now knowing how many calories in certain foods. Also with slimfast the calorie intake is usually around 1300 calories per day. But Ive fouind some days Im at 1200 and others can be 1500. It all evens out really but I make sure not to go over 1500 in a day.

    Im hoping the calorie counting will help when I reach target and need to maintain the weight. On top of that Ive also found if I write down everything its put a stop to the snacking I didnt even realise I did and makes me ask myself when I reach for the junk food do I really want something as once its written in my food diary there is no denying that I ate it.
  7. scarymary

    scarymary Full Member

    Oh Sattsy! Thanks a million for your reply. Thats the idea that I had. I bought the calorie carb bible too so Im basically trying to work off about 1200 calories a day!

    Your doing really well!
  8. Sattsy

    Sattsy Full Member

    Thanks. I think that it helps that summers on the way and Im going backpacking for summer before heading back to Aussie. The idea of being on the beach is keeping me motivated. And as the weather gets nicer Im wanting salad more and comfort food less and its nicer to get out for a walk or to ride my bike. Only problem is with summer comes the outside drinking with friends at a picnic/beer garden ect. but I have discovered magners light and also Ive become a fan of white wine spritzers (stretching 1 drink into 2 with a little soda water!)

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