trying to get back on track food diary newbie


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi there i new on here but loving what i see, ur all so friendly and helpful.

well heres my story my names rachael (rach) im nearly 25 yrs of age and married with 3 cuttie boys , aged 5,2,and 3 mths.
this is my 3rd attempt at slimming world, i couldnt get my head aroungd it be4. i even tryed while pregnant with my 3rd son , but i gave into my cravings :(, so once i had little one i started slimming world again but doing it from home , the day (24/9/11)i started i weighted 15st 6lb, i now weigh 11st 5lbs . im dieing to get back to 10st , the weight i was b4 my 2nd pregnancy. i just couldnt loose the baby weight that time :eek:. i do find slimming hard and im not at all good with exercise, but with slimming world i dont feel that im dieting , but still cant do the baody magic. im trying to start exercising again but find it painful as had a c section with babba no2 an 3. but i think im going to try. my goal is to get to 10st by feb 18th which is my bday and 3rd anniversary to my dear hubby. really need to pull my finger out,so decided to do a food diary on here to help me out , would be greatful for helpful tips ;)

excuse spelling pls lol ,
well enough of my blah blah blah :D

im following EE

brekki - porriage 28g (heb),mmade with water and sweetner

lunch -low fat supernoodles,spring onions, tomatoes , ham

dinner-lean pork loins ,sw roast potatoes,broccali,colli,carrots ,gravy (2.5 syns)

milk (hea)for coffee
sf squash
diet coke
sweetners ,tea

not had a lot superfree today as not got alot in , so off shopping tomorro

prob have a flake later (7 syns )
total syns 9.5
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