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Extra Easy Days Trying to get into EE - Is it OK?


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Morning all, hope your enjoying your weekend.

Im going to try and get back into EE. I realised that the reason I wasnt losing weight with it before was because I wasnt following the '1/3 SF' rule.

So this is todays attempt, can anyone give me some guidence on whether it's OK or not?

Say for example I get peckish later, is it OK to have a Mugshot or something like that?

Thank you xx

5th June 2011 - EE

Breakfast - 28g Bran Flakes (B) with skimmed milk (A). 1 pear.

Lunch - Pub lunch consisting of Salmon fillet, new potatos and mixed vegetables.

Dinner - Pasta with creme freche (2) and mixed vegetables.

Snacks - Cups of tea with skimmed milk (from A allowance) and sweetener. 1.75ltrs of water with NAS squash. Cadburys chocolate bar (5.5)

Total Syns - 7.5
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I find extra easy to be the best for me - means I can feed the OH the same things as I eat - half the time he doesn't even notice they're low fat!

I'm fairly sure that the sweet and sour mugshots are free on EE, and the Thai ones are 1 syn or something. The creamy cheese pasta ones are 3 syns, I'm fairly sure too. Pot noodle mug shots are also pretty low - can't remember the exact values, but I tend to have these as snacks in work breaks, and it seems fine, especially if I have a bit of fruit with it!


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Looks good, but I'd aim for eating some superfree before hitting a mugshot, since theyre quite high in calories.


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Too late now, but i'd prob get a side salad with the pub lunch, and maybe have 2 bits of fruit at brekkie.

My general rule with 1/3rd superfree is if i'm not sure that i've put enough superfree on my plate - i usually haven't so i add some more.

Agree with Shrimpy on the mugshots. I have carrots if i'm hungry between meals.


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Try working your meals round the superfree maybe? Choose the superfree first when meal planning, choosing snacks and put it on your plate first etc It helps with filling you up and then stops the hunger coming in while limiting the portions of free foods.
I agree about the mugshots with what others have said and the same with some other free foods but don't be too hard on yourself and don't go hungry :)

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