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Trying to lose weight but not sense of humour.

I have a confession. I love Slimming World but in an act of desperation, I bought a 30 day Xyngular Ignite Kit (although in reality the hard bit is the first 17 days, should be able to return to SW after that but with just a few supplements). I've never done something crazy like this until now. Of course I hate it... but I've paid the money and I'm going see it through. This Friday I have a "ball" to go to. It's going to be in a castle somewhere in Switzerland. Sounds grand yes? (I designed the invitations for free... and in return I've received two tickets) :)
However I can not tell you how the prospect of turning up, feeling yucky has been haunting me hence the desperate act.

I'm on day 4 and I will weigh in on Friday morning.

Roll on the next 13 days when I can finally follow the SW plan correctly.

Today I've followed the Ignite plan perfectly. Miserable of course. ;)
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Wow, I have never heard of Xyngular Ignite Kit before, but it sounds as though its working for you. Not something I could do though I think. Hope you manage to make yourself feel comfortable for the ball. It sounds amazing, in a castle and all that...sounds like something out of a fairytale :) Good luck with the kit plan xx
Thanks Tinnedtomato (great name BTW). My will power has been horrible in the last year... I'm going to the Ball because I have a few friends going too. My husband can not dance to save his life and the Swiss do dance in pairs. I'm going to be sitting around for the evening trying not to eat anything but protein foods. Ho hum.
End of Week One. Nervous to weigh myself.

Well... I made it to the Ball at Sargans castle yesterday evening.. though I forgot to weigh myself yesterday morning. And of course I forgot this morning. It was fun... I didn't dance (the Swiss dance in couples to all sorts of music... it's nice but you need to know the moves... they start early... my teenagers have learnt how to dance this way). As I hadn't eaten much during the day, there was just a few items that I didn't eat (Spatzli) cos I didn't fancy it and it was fried... so why eat it. My long skirt fitted me and I felt OK.

I completed my Xyngular 8 day Ignite... and I'm proud of myself. My jeans are looser at least... although I know I should weigh myself.... but I do know that I've got more work today. I'll shall start the 2nd and last round of Ignite 8 day plan in the next few days.
It's Saturday morning.. still hanging on with the Xyngular... not perfectly.. but pretty good. (I keep thinking about how much it cost for the Ignite Kit and knuckle down.

I am a runner (NOT a fast runner) and for the last three weeks I've not run.. I was concerned about the lack of calories. Next week I'll be back running. I have to say though.. one bonus about not running for three weeks is that my Achilles heel has got better. Hurry. Rest really works!

I am being a coward about weighing myself. My jeans are looser however but I want to feel a definite shrinkage in my chest. :) before I weigh myself. However next Friday... weighing in day. I will be by then embracing Slimming World diet plan.
Had semi-skimmed milk 250 ml (HEX) with a 25g potion of Herbalife. I'm guessing 3 Syns.

Bachelors Mexican Rice. 2.5 Syns (I'm guessing... I can't remember at the mo.)

OK.. a little chocolate 2 Syns

I'm making mincemeat... so I had to try some... 2 Syns

And that's it for now. It's 1430 and I'm 9.5 Syns up. Better be careful for the rest of the day.
Good luck for your weigh in! And good luck for getting back into slimming world x
Today. A sachet of porridge & milk BBA
Salad with dressing and a little chicken & a Brezel. 6 Syns
Pasta with sauce, broccoli & bit of chicken 4 Syns
Picking (I have my sister staying with me... it's difficult) 8 Syns

Yep... 18 Syns. Better than a poke in the eye. N'est pas?

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