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Hi guyz im only on the forth day of ts but need some advice.Exante recommed that you have a food break every 4wkz, but do you do 4wkz of exante food packs then on the 5th wk food break, so you have the normal 3pks a day plus a low carb meal or snacks upto 400kcals ? Also can anyone give me any ideas of the types of meals i should eat as i will be having a shake for breakfast my soup for lunch and a low carb 400kcal meal for dinner and a choc shake made with hot water in the eve.I have done atkins before and i know on that you can eat foods like steak ect but also realise that atkins is a high fat, high kcal, low carb diet.I was thinking of doing things like chicken salad, steak mushrooms and a tomato, but am really confused as most of the meals that are listed on exante are not that appealing and they dont really explain what foods you can have that would make a nice meal but still keep you in ketosis.If anyone could give me some pointers i would be really gratefull as i have been searching the net for low carb,low kcal meal ideas and am just stuck.Last year i did slimfast and i basically had a shake for breakfast and one for lunch and for my main meal i had things like chicken salad,ham salad, fresh tuna, chicken and rice, turkey steaks with mushrooms aspargas and baby toms and lost around 2-3lbs a week.Obviously i do not want to mess up the hard work i have put in so far as i am 100% commited to completing my weight loss on the ts but just need some help in planning som low cost healthy meals.Any help would be appreciate many thanks for reading.
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The food break comes on the 5th week I do believe, exante only recommend we have one because they have to say that as we're not being monitored by anyone.
I personally wont be taking a food break and I think alot of others on here dont either.
And yes you have your 3 packs and a low carb meal.

But if you decide to then go check out the 'exante recipes' section, lots of ideas for you in there.
Also on the main section there is a sticky called 'list of ketogenic foods' which will help with what you can and cant have.

Oh and your thread will possibly get moved to the main section as you've mentioned food and this is the 100% no food talk section :)


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I'm taking a thing from LL and just making my shakes up with skimmed milk instead of having a meal, since I think if I get into the habit of eating a full meal after just 4 weeks, I'm going to want to start eating every day and not get back on to TS.

As for meal ideas - something like chicken and steamed veg, or a nice tuna steak and veg sounds like a plan


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AAMW was a huge no no for me as it is sooo hard to go back to TS... and very hard not to eat the wrong foods and fall off plan altogether.. i spoke to my doctor about it last year and he said there is no need for the AAMW its just exante covering any legal loopholes.... its week 5 ya add it in if ya want to but its not mandatory.... like ya say none of the food recipes appeal to you that much anyway so its not like ya gonna be missing anything lol.. good luck with whatever ya choose but there are many many members on here that do the AAMW and it is too much for their willpower.. I am defo NOT doing it this time round xx