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TS or WS?


Fitness Freak!
I was just wondering who is doing TS and who is adding food? Has anyone tried both and which have you found better? So far I have just had packs, but 4 a day due to lots of exercise, I just don't think I could manage with food as wll as I would want more than is allowable!
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I'm on TS trying to stick to 3 packs but having an extra half in the eve if I really need to.
As you say I would find it so much harder having an actual meal everyday. The risk of overdoing it for me would be huge. Having said that I have had a day or two when I have had guest round and have had to eat but have managed to keep it low carb and relatively small and keep in ketosis. But I'm not sure I could do it everyday.

Just a quick point, about the excercise, on some other threads people have mentioned that it may not be a good idea to do too much in the way of vigourous excercise when doing a vlcd and that it is better to stick to gentle and resistance work or pilates.

Neway all the best


Fitness Freak!
The exercise for me is non-negotiable. Its my life and soon to be my career so if it comes to one or the other then the diet will have to go, but so far I am feeling good, energy levels are high, my timings etc aren't suffering, etc etc.

I want to do this diet once, and get my usual body back asap!! So fingers crossed I manage TS...
As the exercise is a deal breaker I would say LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Not at the mo (so busy with job) but I normally have a heavy-ish gym routine (7-9 classes pw) and still did BP/BC/Spinning. If I was feeling a bit :jelous: I'd take it down a notch - not jump around as much / peddle a little slower on the sprints etc.

Like I've said before I completed my OCR ETM Lvl 2 whilst on SS whilst working full time so course was once a week on a saturday - 5 straight hours of exercise :eek:. BUT I LISTENED TO MY BODY



Fitness Freak!
I start my ETM next Monday, so excited about it, if a little nervous!

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