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Tsunami Documentary last night

I do not know if anyone of you saw this last night. It was about the Boxing Day Tsunami 5 years ago.

It was terrifying and tragic and i cried buckets. I will not give details as it was so sad.

I do not like NYE very much at all. But that documentary made me take stock and give thanks for what i do have.:sigh:
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I can't watch things like this, I stick my head in the sand really. I'm aware of how lucky I am to wake up every day and thank my lucky stars that I have what I have. I do this when I'm feeling low.
There are so many tragedies these days it really is quite traumatic to watch it on TV.


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I didn't watch it because it would have bought back too many memories - my son was in Phukett when the tsunami hit, but thankfully he was up in the Hills (he was teaching in a school there) so he wasn't involved in the devestation that the water caused.

But, we were terrified here because we didn't know if he was safe and we couldn't get through to him until 5pm (our time) so Boxing Day was a very frightening and scary day all round in our family, so I didn't want to be remembered of that by watching the programme last night.

My son worked with The Red Cross for weeks afterwards doing whatever he could for the people etc, but he just couldn't believe the chaos and destruction the tsunami had caused in Phukett that day.
It was horrivle and brought back memories for me. My brother was holidaying in Sri Lanka. All I knew is that he had a wodden beach chalat type thing right on the beach. He often got up and went diving. It took 3 days to know if he was OK. Him and his girlfriend. Apparently, he had decided to treat his girlfriend to 2 nights of luxury accommodation for christmas. This meant he was on the 3rd floor. A late night and a hangover meant he wasn't yet out and diving!! The things that save you from certain death eh? AMazing!

I cried watching that last night. My brother really doesn't talk about it, but the one thing he did say was the thing he remembers most is the screaming. They went to a mosque at a top of a hill in the middle of the island. They didn't know what was coming next, and that was what the locals were encouraging them to do. All the way there was screaming. Screaming for loved ones. Mums for kids. Kids for Dads. Husbands for wives. Yu et the picture. So many had got separated and didn't know if loved ones were gone or not. I just can't imagine.



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That bought tears to my eyes reading that Lynda. I can remember the news reports coming through and getting worse as the day went on.

Donnie, people like your son are the unsung heroes when things like that happen. I think we owe them a lot more gratitude than we realise xx
It was so sad to watch, especially when i saw Sri Lanka as i was only there 3 weeks ago so it really hit me.

The area of Sri Lanka we sayed in had been hit really badly by the Tsunami and the local business are still recovering from it.

Our hotel hadn't been affected too badly but one further down from us had 2 elephants that were 35 years old and one died in the tsunami, the hotel was ruined on the ground and 1st floor as well. It was such a terrible tragedy.

The locals were very open in talking about it and they are trying to do everything they can to boost tourism in the area, this goes for the areas affected in Thailand also.

My heart really went out to all of the familes affected by the Tsunami.


Slow but sure....
Donnie, people like your son are the unsung heroes when things like that happen. I think we owe them a lot more gratitude than we realise xx

Thank you Sue.

My son said that the people literally had nothing, some had no clothes on their back let alone food or shelter, and they were just to shattered to help themselves, it must have been so distressing.

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