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Tummy pain/toilet talk!

Today is day 4 and all was going swimmingly until yesterday evening when I started to get some really bad tummy aches and then I had to rush to toilet with diarrhoea. This was going on all night so I hardly slept, I didn't always need to go to the loo but mostly just very painful cramp like feeling in my lower tummy. Had the pain most of the day, have taken paracetamol and went for a walk with boyfriend earlier and I didn't have any pain but did feel super weak and broke out in a cold sweat and felt dizzy, fun! Anyway I came back and have still been getting bad tummy pains so I lay in bed for ages but the pain just keeps happening every now and again making me roll around in pain! This is making me really question if I should continue with this diet. As a result I just had some plain chicken as I thought this might help with my tummy. Haven't had tonights shake yet and unsure if I should?

I am so upset about this as everything was going so well, I was 100% in the zone and wanting to do this diet and shift at least 2 stone, so the thought that I may not be able to carry on is really depressing :-( I don't know what to do now. Anyone else had similar pains? I googled it and didn't find much apart from laxative related problems, and as I haven't taken any it can't be that :-(
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Silly question but could it be TOTM? Mine came earlier than expected.
Personally, I think you should stick with it for a couple more days and just keep drinking little and often. Feeling weak, dizzy and in a cold sweat is typical of the first week I'm afraid.
Poor soul, I feel sorry for you. Try a hot water bottle and a hot tea. Look after yourself, hun. x
Hi, thanks for your reply. Nope it's not TOTM, really different pain to that too. I just don't think I can handle another night of pain and toilet trips, and I have work tomorrow and if I'm like that there it will be hell! I've felt a lot better since eating the chicken so maybe LT just doesn't agree with me sadly :-(
have you had much soya before? I mentioned this on an earlier thread as I have met a couple of people with soya allergies who could not do LT as it is primarily soya protein. HAVING SAID THAT though... iv had the sh!ts constantly since i began but I have IBS so have an overactive colon anyway. The loose poo is kinda normal but the tummy ache is a bit worrying. Have a word with your pharmacist or your doctor as it could be an intolerance or allergy to soya. Hope it gets better for you :( x
I'd say definitely have a word with your pharmacist, they may be able to help you out with something while on the diet. If anything, for now, take a couple of immodium. I really hope you feel better *hugs*

Cham Pers

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It could be totally unrelated but you may have just picked up one of those tummy bugs just doung the rounds and think its the diet because its such a major change. I once blamed my sisters BBQ for giving me food poisoning because i was so ill 48 hours after having it and after having a moan about her cooking to the whole family my daughter came down with the same thing and she didnt even go to the bbq. Ooops
Thanks for your replies. I've eaten soya a few times before and felt ok, but who knows. I think it might just not agree with me, I really don't want to give up but I really have been in so much pain that I don't feel much more choice. I think I will just have to go and start slimming world next week, I am sad that it will take me longer to lose weight on it but I am still feeling quite positive and will just start it and try my best. Stupid stomach :-( Good luck to you all and hope you all do amazingly well and reach your goals!
I was going to say the same as you, Cham Pers.
If you are still feeling lousy, could you take a couple of days off work?


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Dont throw in the towel just yet, this could just be your body dealing with all the extra nutirents in the diet. Take some immodium if it carries on and speak with the pharmacy tomorrow.
Although i didnt have any abnormal tummy pain (other than that usually related to the trots) i found myself with it every other day more or less while on TFR. If you think that there is nothing solid going in with all that extra water, its bound to have a big difference on your toilet habits.
I found the first week very draining too... i was walking around the shops one day and suddenly came over dizzy with cold sweats too. Not good but it will pass.
Also, even though its not due your TOTM may have changed. Mine came a whole week earlier than i expected. (ive read and spoke to a few different people that all say VLCD seriously affect your fertility - in a good way!! And that its not unusual to see more periods than normal.
i second that! i havent had a TOTM since october last year as I had a coil put in.. and have had non stop TOTM since i started lol. But apparently tgats quite normal. So it could be a combination of having the poops (normal) and some menstrual cramps all together... plus the cold sweats that you occasionally get at the start of your body changing. so dont worry too much.. just see how it goes and do speak to the pharmacist. katies right though... dont just give up yet! xx
Hi! Well I had to call in ill to work today, been in agony to the point that I am crying when I get the terrible pains as they are so bad :-( When I get the desperate urge for the loo now there is nothing left to come out. I am defo going to give up, can't remember ever having stomach pains this bad, I really think it must be something in the shakes that doesn't agree with me. I just hope the pain stops soon as at this rate I will have to go to the doctors which will be very embarrassing :-(
i had loose bowel whenn i started, i do still get it the odd time now. not sure about the cramps though maybe you should mention to pharmacist although my doc told me the diahorrea part is normal for some

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Oh thats such a shame glitter, i hope you feel better soon x
If it's gotten to the point that you're calling in sick and practically in tears due to the pain, perhaps its something else and not the shakes. Talk to the pharmacist about it, one: they could have given you a bad batch (I hear the shakes expire rather quickly) or two: it's not the shakes and you've gotten a stomach virus of some sort. Gastroenteritis perhaps? From what you're describing I'm finding it hard to believe that it's the diet.... Hope you feel better hun! *hugs*
Are you sure it's not that bug thats been going around?? My brother and his family had it for like a week?

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