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Turkey Mince


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cant say I have used it but maybe make some turkey burgers and maybe add some fresh tyhme and garlic ? or whatever herbs you like! or maybe stuff them with some form of fruit... not sure I seen cranberries around but I am sure be good with another sweet fruit! or you could make turkey kebabs on stick? add own seasoning! suppose you could also make a turkey bolognaise? turkey has a tendency to be dry so just make sure you add something to moisten... so maybe an egg with burger or some lemon juice? hmmm yes lemon and thyme are nice together... might get some my self :) x hope I may of helped x
Turkey curry is very nice. Just add some balti paste chicken stock onions peas and away ya go. Not sure how many points is in it though - its a recipe from the old points system.


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I made the turkey burgers tonight with lemon juice, fresh tyhme and garlic! they were lovely... in fact my husband and daughter asked if I would make them again :)
Sounds great. Must get cracking with them! Since turkey has little fat in comparison with beef mince is it hard to make the mixture bind well when frying? Was thinking of adding an egg to make it stay together better!


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U added an egg but to be honest with thr lemon juice was a bit too much so had to make one slice of bread into bread crumbs. Maybe just add the white..... Less pointed then :-D
This is the recipe I use for turkey burgers

Burger (makes 3 smallish burgers)
300g turkey mince
1/2 onion
3tbs soy sauce
2 tbs sweet chilli sauce

1/2 onion
cherry tomatoes
balsamic vinegar (3tbs ish)

For the dressing, slice the onion and quarter the tomatoes. Put in a dish and pour over balsamic vinegar. Some balsamics are 0pp and some appear to have pp. Not sure why. I use a co-op one which is 0pp.

For the burger, finely chop the onion. Combine with the mince in a dish. Add the soy and sweet chilli sauces and mix well. I leave it to marinade for at least an hour then shape into 3 burgers and grill.

One burger inc. dressing is 4pp. If having in a bun, a medium sized soft bread roll is 4pp. I usually sit the burger on half a roll (2pp) and freeze the other half for another time, and serve with a large mixed salad (0pp).

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