Ugly Monster vs weightloss


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Last week was my second week on the CD diet. I found it very difficult mentally, I managed to stick to the diet without feeling hungry or feeling tempted.

But it was my ugly monster :eek: that reared its head – I felt disappointed that I did not have that big weight loss in the first week, I broke one of my rules and weighed myself in the week, and I remained the same. I seriously questioned why I was sacrificing food if I was not losing weight. But nonetheless I stuck it out – 3 meals a day with 4 – 4.5 litres of water a day and I logged on this web site for motivation.

On Monday I lost 5lbs. Then I really had to ask myself why I was being so hard on myself. In the last three weeks I have lost 19lbs (6lbs pre CD). Almost a stone in 2 weeks with CD WOW. .In the last 17 months I haven’t even been able to accomplish 1lb, my weight just piled on.

At that realisation I have been so relaxed, it’s quite a relief. I actually feel happy and I can see myself next spring in size 12 clothes.

So to all newbie’s out there, on your roughest day log on to this website. I found support I’ve never had before. You might not post, but reading them is very powerful to changing your thought process. You are not alone.:D

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That's a great post JJ and i'm sure it will help many newbies out there - we are designed to question ourselves constantly about these things so if you're aware of the trip hazards then we can avoid them and finally get to where we want to be!! Having been at goal I can honestly say i felt like i'd won the lottery - it was the most amazing thing to have ever happened in my life!!

Well done you!


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Thanks Karen

And you are right, it does feel like I've won the lottery and there's more to come. I have been feeling on top of the world this week.