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Uh Ho....

I dont call it self sabotage RealMissP, I just call it treat day, ive said this many a times before, but if I loose at weigh in, I treat myself that day, whether it be I have Belly pork in the evening with the fat on, or chocolate or whatever, Ive always stuck to the plan 6.5 days a week, and I always have 1 evening off, even when I was doing WW I had 1 whole day and night off, in my opinion, it helps me and its real life. If I know I have something special coming up, that will be my treat night. Ive lost just under 4 stone this way. What works for one doesnt always work for another, but dont beat yourself up over it, you enjoyed it, that was your treat now back on the plan xxx


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I've seen quite a few health eating plans that actually encourage you to have treat days or treat meals, as long as you don't go tooooo over the top (which you definitely didn't!).

I'm going to plan mine out, once every 2 weeks. Gives me something to look forward to so if I feel like snapping I can just bide my time until treat day instead. It puts you more in control of it apparently, so you're less likely to binge.

So either way, don't feel guilty :) have fun at aqua fit!



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Its definitely better to have a realistic outlook to dieting - no one can be 100% all the time and if you force yourself to be you'll be setting yourself up to fail - just count the syns and get back on track - thats the joy of Slimming World - it allows you to be flexible :D
After weigh in we usually have a take-away. Chicken shish kebab and salad and 1/2 a chips. hasn't hurt my losses so far and gives me something to look forward too. I am 100% for the rest of the week too.
yeah i have a treat day too :) i do SW on my own and i weigh myself on a monday morning, if i've lost i have a treat day if ive put on then i wont lol.


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I'm trying to get into the habit of non food related treats - otherwise I worry that if I always see food as a treat that once I get to target it will be just too easy to put the weight I've lost back on :( Heat magazine is coming up trumps at the moment :)
every monday evening after i weigh in i go to the chippy and have a chips and mushy pea fritter thats my treat and i so look forward to it it really keeps me on track
The only thing I missed last week (1st week on sw) was my saturday morning fry up at the cafe, we've always done that, I went and had a cup of tea while the rest of the family had breakfast... would I be able to have that as my treat and still lose?

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