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:eek:I have just read the most sickening facebook status. I'm shocked. It was about the 8year old whose mother gave her botox... This is the status... "why is that woman in america injecting her 8 year old daughter's face to compete in beauty pagents!? if anything she ought to stick her on a diet first!" Heree is the link to a picture of this "enormous child" http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/3485305/I-give-my-girl-8-Botox-for-pageant.html

Is it just me?!
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If the botox isnt bad enough, idiots comment on the size of the child too?! It's really annoyed me x
What a shocking story!

are you sure the person wasn't being sarcastic? in a kind of "don't stop with the botox give you 8 year old kid a face lift why dont ya" kind of way? If not there is something seriously wrong with that person who thinks that girl needs a diet!


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No, unfortunately not. The thing is, she wasn't on her own as people agreed with her saying that they were thinking the same thing! No wonder people grow up with such complexes about weight. Then again, I know for a fact her mother has had her on a diet since 8 and she's positively skeletal with very little of herself she hasn't bought ;) sad but true x
apparently children services are to get involved theres a whole industry of beauty pageant infants they are like miniture women its just not right it looks and feels so wrong what kind of society are we creating and the sad thing is mum defends her self and sees nothing wrong with her behaviour !
That's just disgusting, surely that's gotta be child abuse??
Her mum cant be right in the head, to inject her daughter with stuff she buys off the INTERNET!! Shocking.

That poor girl is going to get a huge shock if she doesn't end up a 'star' after all her mum is putting her through.
Before commenting on how truly awful the whole thing is, the sub title about getting her body waxed? wtf does an 8y/o have to wax?!
That woman ought to be ashamed!Not spreading it across the newspaper!
I can't belive someone would do this to a child they are reall people not dolls not a pet everything the poor girl has been put through is Surley going to influence her adult life and it's not exactly a good footing why can't children be children there are enough difficulties in life to deal with!
Absolutely outrageous!!!

I sat gob smacked at this and the mini beauty contests that have spilled over to the UK too...let these kids have a childhood, and not living their mothers' dreams and fantasies :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:Grrrrrr!!!!

On the weight issue, as has been said already, no wonder young girls (and boys) sometimes grow up with unhealthy size zero aspirations. How irresponsible and insane of the stupid woman who made the comment!

A sad sign of the times, but totally unacceptable behaviour by people who don't deserve to be called parents.
She's not the only one injecting her child and otherwise torturing it for pagents! There are numerous documentaries about child beauty pagents, some with children as young as four months old (?!?!?!?!), really.


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This is wrong at so many levels.


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i find it shocking that the little girl checks for wrinkles. shes 8!!!
she wont get wrinkles at 8..... im 22 in 5 monthes and i havent got wrinkles.

as for her mother using botox on her, she should be ashamed. it sounds as though her mum pushes her into it, and has brainwashed her a little. no average child would look in the mirror and say "oh ive got wrinkles, and i need a wax!"

the only time id say it was ok on a child was if it was used for a medical treatment, like botox is sometimes used for exessive sweating for example!


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This is shocking. Botox ! And virgin waxing! I am trained in Waxing and unless she is doing it to her herself, then the person who is doing it should not be allowed!

It's painfull, it can cause ingrowing hair which can cause infection, it can burn the skin and can cause painfull bruising if not done correctly.

And botoz, god she is injecting stuff into her daughters face!!!! hello, why are social services not involved!

This little girl wants to be like Britney?? What goes nuts and shaves her hair off as she has been subjected to the media from a young age and too much pressure. I can see where this will be heading in another 20 years. Drugs, low self esteem and re hab.



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i can see that poor little girl becoming anorexic the way shes been tagged as "huge"

such a shame, i feel for her. if her mother hadnt drilled that stuff in her head she would more likely be a normal little girl, who plays out with her friends, tries on her mums make up and smears it everywhere... shes already a pretty little girl. theres no need to cover her in make up and botox!


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Coming from the Sun though, it might well just be completely made up. If it isn't though, that's just ridiculous. Aside from the health implications; she's 8 years old, she should have no reason to wax as nobody should be seeing the parts of herself she can wax anyway.


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Coming from the Sun though, it might well just be completely made up. If it isn't though, that's just ridiculous. Aside from the health implications; she's 8 years old, she should have no reason to wax as nobody should be seeing the parts of herself she can wax anyway.
Trust me Dominoid, it isn't made up. Things like this happen all the time on child beauty pageants. It's pure children exploitation but it happens.


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some parents just go to extremes...

a little bit of play make up is cute, but her mothers gone mental


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It's totally disgusting. Poor child.

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