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Unbiased Opinion wanted. Do I come back ?

I know as you are on this CD forum, you probably are on the CD diet, however, if possible I would like unbiased answers please (I hope that doesnt sound rude.)
Ive been off the diet about 5/6 weeks. Altogether I have gained (are you ready for this) 1st 8 lbs !!!! :eek::eek: !!!! I just stopped the diet when I came back from my holiday, I didnt gradually bring back food by doing the food plans or anything. (Most of this was 3 weeks of 30th birthday celebrations and a holiday, so I didnt mind that.) I have slipped back into the eating rubbish for the sake of it. I can currently get into 44 inch waist jeans, I want to be a 38 inch waist, so thats 6 inches I have to lose. Now, I cant make up my mind whether to do this by eating sensibly and starting exercise (which is, like, totally foreign to me, and which as proved by the 1st 8 lbs gain, Im no good at) or if to go back on the CD diet again and see where that gets me this time. Its just the thought of "leaving the food behind again" because if I do go back onto CD it'll be SS+, I got to my goal last time when I finished, so hopefully, if I decide to go back on it, ill get to this goal. Trouble is, dont know how long it will take. Please help with your thoughts and opinions. Thanks.
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I would say it depends on a few of things Paul. How much do you have left to loose? How quickly would you like to loose it (you could be in those 38's by christmas!!!)? And how do you think your will power will be on a 'normal' diet (I can do CD but I hit 2st on SW and I totally lose focus!)?


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also you may need to plan how you come off cd more this time. however you lose the weight, if you go back to bad habits afterwards then it will always come back on. cd is a good way of addressing bad eating habits that we have gained, so it could be useful in that respect, but you must move up the plans at the end otherwise you'll pile it all on again...

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How much do you have left to loose? How quickly would you like to loose it (you could be in those 38's by christmas!!!)?
Thats the problem, because I dont know what I need to weigh to be in 38 inch jeans I dont know what weight I want to get to. I want to get there ASAP. (If I totally disregard sizes, I am happy to just try eating healthily, as I feel as healthy as I have ever felt.)


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Hiya Paul :)

How about sitting down and writing out your short/medium & long term goals and in what time frame, on paper?

You could then write down the pros and cons for you of doing a VLCD or another programme based on these goals. It may help you get a bit more clarity on what would suit you personally at the moment, instead of it all just whizzing around in your head:)

Whatever you decide, you know there will be always be support here for you. Let us know how you get on,

Lacey..xx :D


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hi paul,

i would be inclined to say that if i was you i would give CD a go again. it sounds like you need to re-evaluate your 'relationship' with food. i mean like you said:
"Now, I cant make up my mind whether to do this by eating sensibly and starting exercise (which is, like, totally foreign to me, and which as proved by the 1st 8 lbs gain, Im no good at)"
which sounds like you need to start all over again with food and learn how to eat properly. getting to goal and working up through the plans again to maintenance would teach you how to do this.

ultimately it is your decision and only you know what is right for you.

good luck in whatever you decide! x
I think you need to move away from thinking that you need to get there as soon as possible and focus more on how you plan to maintain when you reach goal. After all, what is the point of getting there at record speed if you then struggle to maintain, if you know what I mean. CD will give you what you want and it will work but you need to work through the plans and retrain your eating habits at the same time.

Sorry if that sounded a little blunt but I wanted to give you the honest answer you requested.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

If you're concerned about doing it all over again - maybe you might do better with something new & different?

There are tonnes of alternative programs (such as Weightwatchers or Jenny Craigs) & as youve only got a couple of stone to lose this time, speed might not matter so much to you?

But whatever you do to lose it, dieting is only the start. We lose weight with the aim of keeping it off for life, so we have to learn how to do that. Reverting back to old habits = reverting back to old weights. Whichever program you commit to doing, you need to commit to doing its maintenance plan too.

Also......and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but whichever diet plan you do or dont decide on, you need to incorporate exercise into your life.

Exercise is not just so you can lose weight faster & eat more during maintenance.....quite simply, exercise will make you live longer and live happier.

But exercise isnt just for happiness and long life. Exercise offers a wide range of benefits. It helps control weight, reduces appetite, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, cuts the risk of heart attack, strengthens your immune system, eases arthritis pain, protects against osteoporosis, fends off some forms of cancer, keeps your thinking sharp in old age, reduces stress, reduces depression and brightens your mood......and the sooner you make it as much a part of life as brushing your teeth, the healthier you'll be when you get older.
I totally agree with you. I have messed about for the last couple of months trying to stick to LT. My head wasn't ready for such a harsh regime and I ended up eating - I didn't even give myself chance to get into ketosis and now I am over 2 stone heavier than before. I have started a fresh today and know that exercise will be a big part of my journey. Not only will it help to tone up your waist area but it will give you an enormous sense of wellbeing. If you decide to restart CD you will just have to introduce exercise slowly due to being on a VLCD. If you do too much too soon it will scare you away from it altogether. Are you a member of a gym?
I would be inclined to do cd again if i were you purely because you know it works. But think abiut how your going to maintain this time, ie slimming world, weight watchers. I find both of these plans good becuase they get you into a right way of thibnking and whats healthy and whats not.
Thanks for all the replys so far. I knew I would get some good replys as people on this forum are all so good, but these replys are fantastic and definately give me some things to think about.

I have been thinking and talking with members of my family. My brother has kindly offered to go jogging or walking with me 3 times per week, so I may eat sensibly. 3 meals a day and snaking only on fruit when I need to and filling up on water (Just like I did on CD), and exercise wise go walking/jogging 3 times a week and building up gradually from there. Im gonna try this for a week or two and see how I get on. After all I did this, a long time before I joined CD and it worked, just circumstances changed and I didnt keep it up back then.


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Have you thought about getting some help to change your attitude to food like CBT or Hypnotherapy?

It doesn't sound as if you are in the right frame of mind for CD at the moment. I know I have only been on the diet four weeks but I really believe you have to be in a place where you really want to change your lifestyle before undertaking such an intense diet.

Good luck in whatever you decide x


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If it helps you out, my hubby is 5'8 and has a 38" waist in trousers. He weighs just over 14 stone.

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