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I have been to my cdc this morning.... after lots of soul searching have decided to go up the plans as i just can not sole source.
after eating 2 curly wurlys yesterday i carried on and had
2 freddo bars .
small bar of cadbury choc ( the kids very slim bars so not sure if it counts !!)
2 penguins
2 pieces of toast .
chicken and mushroom curry with rice.
hadnt managed to get into ketosis at all this week as kept failing every evening and decided to restart from the prep week. it didnt go to well . long chat with my cdc and decided to go on the 1000 plan to shift this last stone. that will give me a bmi of 25 . i am more likely to be better at this as i know i can eat.
however i stood on her scales and had lost 3 lb ..... god knows where from and after what i ate last night , i wasnt expecting any loss. so quite chuffed.
so 1000 here i come .... has anyone else had good losses on this plan .
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Well done with the loss Sue, you obviously did deserve it because it came off :D

I'm sure those really thin bars of choc don't count at all ;)

Good luck with the 1000 plan! I hope it suits you better and the weight continues to drop off for you :)

You can go straight onto 1000 cals your CDC is correct. As you did not SS last week as you added in quite a few bits you are not coming from ketosis to food.

The 1000 cals plan is a good one did she suggest part a first or straight to b either is a good starting point.

Losses do vary from person to person, however, 2-3 lbs a week is possible, sometimes this may drop to 1lb, this is due to the foods being introduced and the body holding onto a little water, don't panic if it happens you are still losing weight it will show on the tapemeasure instead of the scales.

Learn to trust the food you are eating and ensure you have all you should have do not cut out anything and weigh your food to ensure you are not going over the correct amount.

Your CDC will ensure you are on the correct plan for you and I am sure you will find this one suitable.

we had long chat , my problem is i dont eat during the day , i dont tend to have fist shake til about 3pm . i can not eat breakfast and never have . i have been the same for years, it is the evening when i eat. so we have taken the 1000 plan and adapted to suit my life style and my needs. funny really cos now i have food back in my diet i would probably find ss easy . i find it too difficult when i cant have anything but when i can have it im not tempted...... bit like a kid really.
i do feel more positive now and beng able to shift some more weight.
I will tell you a little story:

Three years ago my daughter Amy was at college really busy all day, never had breakfast or lunch, in the evening she would have dinner nothing too heavy.

When she left college she continued to eat in the same way, suddenly she started to gain weight, even when she was eating a healthy evening meal.

So she did 790 for 1 week then started following low GI, this was before it was part of the CD programmes. She had read that Kylie Minogue followed this plan and become really interested in the foods you could have.

Initially she forced down breakfast even though it made her feel sick and introduced a lunch. The foods were from the low GI foods. After a couple of weeks she was hungry at breakfast and by lunch again she was hungry. Her body was beginning to become programmed and expected food at that time.

Cutting a long story short, Amy now eats 5-6 times a day. On waking she is starving and has breakfast, she eats around 11am, lunchtime (this normally is the larger meal of the day) mid afternoon snack and an evening meal.

She lost 21lb three years ago and has maintained that loss although she eats stacks of food, and combines with exercise. Her BMI is 20. She is only 5'01/2" so carrying around 21 extra pounds made her look quite chunky.

Its funny really because when we go out everyone expects her not to eat, quite the contrary she can eat for England but her body now trusts her and the food is used efficiently as energy and not stored as fat.

If you go all day without food then eat your body will have gone into starvation mode and not matter what you eat even if its only 500 cals your body will store some as energy in case you do the same the next day.

This is why so many overweight people say I cannot understand it I hardly eat anything yet my friend is eating all the time and she is skinny.

To re-educate eating habits that have taken years to form is hard, however, trust the plans and follow the guidance from your CDC. If you break the pattern you are in you will not only lose weight but will be able to maintain your loss.

Phew that was a long one.................
hi sue

I think you'll be fine on 1000. I've continued to lose on this step and i've gone over the 1000 on quite a few occasions. My danger time is the evenings so i tend to eat some fruit mid to late morning, have more fruit at lunch, a shake in the afternoon and then a meal in the evening followed by more fruit and a cd bar.

I'm sure you'll get that last bit off real soon xx

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