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Unhealthy food desires anyone?

Am I alone in thinking about all the naughty food I would like to get my hands on when I reach target? At the moment I can't stop thinking about Hot dogs with onions, sausage and egg Mcmuffins, chinese food..... all the things that made me so overweight in the first place. I was rather hoping the desire for such foods would fade away as I have been feeling so good as I lose the weight... Any thoughts out there?
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I don't think food thoughts go away:( mores the pity but sometimes I've found the food you crave, if you were to give in don't taste that great anyway
Hopefully my desires will have faded by the time I reach target.....
I've always said to people that if I could take a magic pill and wake up thin again I would never eat the rubbish that got me overweight in the first place. I guess i'll have to practise what I preach!
wow, powerful words :)
I hope you can stick to it, but personally I know I wouldn't be able to forever. Saying that I don't ever want to feel like i do now ever again


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i don't think food thoughts ever go away. and i don't think any of us should try never to have such things again because you will inevitably do it one day and then feel like a failure. and i've spent too much time feeling like i was failing with what i was eating to do it when i am thin!!

so i think it's all about the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time you are good as gold, 20% of the time you let yourself have the bar of chocolate you fancy, or go out for dinner, or have the glass (bottle) of wine :)

otherwise we'd all go stark raving mad. it's just about learning when to stop. the 'just' in that sentence is the really really hard bit!! :D

abz xx
Good advice thanks. 80/20 rule sounds like a good way forward once I get there. Anyway, I guess I need to think about concentrating on the present day first!
OH YES! I definitely think about so called naughty foods, in fact sometimes I dream(or have nightmares?) about indulging, and then wake up in a bloomin sweat! lol

Seriously though, like any pleasure, we can't deny ourselves it completely, we just need to have enough self contol to be moderate. And I'd like to think that when (not if) I do reach goal, the thought of having to go through it all again will be enough to stop me having fried chicken as my staple diet again!
It's nice to know i'm not alone!
Tracey113 - I see you've achieved your 1st goal - well done. Have you got any further goals? I think I might have to put my mini goals on here to keep me on track.
I'm having abdominal surgery mid Dec and would love to be in a size 12 by then. Currently 14 - 16 at the moment. I need to set mini goals over the next 5 weeks to get there. I'm gonna get thinking and noting down now.... Is your next weigh in next week?
no thursday but not stuck to it 100% this week which is a shame but my fault soooo i guess it'l take 3 weeks. That goal sounds achieveable won't it be great!! wearing clothes you like instead of clothes that will do:)
Even if it takes 3 wks as long as you still work towards it all is not lost. I've now added my mini goals so they are very real now!


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i went to sleep lastnight trying to think about lasagne so i would dream about it... didn't work though :( a guy at work keeps going on about the tesco lasagne offer that's on in the shop over the road. hmph.

abz xx
My OH has just cooked home made Toad in the hole... aaaggghhh I sooo wanted it! BUT I didn't .... maybe i'll dream about it tonight? mmm hope I get gravy on it.


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see. lucid dreams are the way forwards!! unfortunately i've never managed to have them :( but would we be dreaming about sex, fame, fortune. no. we'd be dreaming about sodding dinner!! :D

abz xx

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I keep dreaming about dinner but unfortunately I never get to eat it because even in my dream the guilt kicks in and I don't want to break my diet! How bloody frustrating is that?!!