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Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by deba, 24 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. deba

    deba Member

    Is anyone doing the unit diet? Been all round the other diets and have ended up back looking at this one. Really enjoyed it when it started and would love it to be popular again.
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  3. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    I don't think there is anybody on here doing it at the mo, was one lady a little while ago but don't think she is anymore. We're all on juddd, you should give that a try :)
  4. deba

    deba Member

    funny you should say that, I have just been on the judd website having a look. Certainly one to consider. I love trying new diets!!
  5. jolinarr

    jolinarr Full Member

    Well, come on and give it a try!

    We have a good support group here. :)
  6. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Yes we sure do!
  7. pinkxwish

    pinkxwish Full Member

    Deba you should try judd I'm on day 3 and loving it:D

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