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University Student fed up of being the 'Fat' Cheerleader - weight loss diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by hkontowt, 16 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. hkontowt

    hkontowt Member

    So I'm a few weeks late to starting this but here goes.

    On the 26th March I started slimming world. I bought myself a pack online as at present I do not have the time to commit to a group or the funds.

    When I weighed in on that Wednesday I weighed 13st10lb.

    I am only 4ft11in so as you can imagine at the moment I am rather round. I am on the university cheerleading team and the last competition video made me cry. All the other girls looked stunning in their uniforms (tight lycra) and I just looked fat and frumpy. I decided enough was enough! So here is my journey.

    Week 1: lost 3lbs
    Week 2: lost 3lbs
    Week 3: lost 5lbs (I was ill, I did nothing special this week :p)

    So I'm now at week 4 and its weigh in day again today. I'm really hoping for another 3lb loss so I can make my stone!

    If anyone has any advice or tips on things that could help me (I'm not a massive vege fan) it would be most appreciated!

    Hope you all enjoy reading and helping me along in my journey to become the skinny woman I hope to be!
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  3. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Well-Known Member

    Well done on your weight loss so far!

    I wasn't a big veg fan either until a few years ago. I just kept eating it and trying different vegetables and I suddenly liked them!
  4. hkontowt

    hkontowt Member

    Thank you!

    I maintained this week so having a bit of a down day. However I am normally really quite active what with cheer leading training etc (normally work out 5-6 days a week) I have done no exercise since Saturday though as I currently have a fractured rib... so feeling a little down as I know I can't do much next week exercise either :(

    Hopefully have a good eating day today and cheer myself up. Then dog sitting for the weekend so will have mine and my mums dogs to look after for 4 days. Hopefully I'll be able to cope with walking them!
  5. hkontowt

    hkontowt Member

    Having a good bank holiday diet wise. Been eating well and walking the dogs lots so feeling better :) hopefully it will all pay off on the scales!!!
  6. hkontowt

    hkontowt Member

    So weigh in this week went well! Lost 3lbs taking me to a total loss of 1 stone over five weeks :D I'm so proud as I tried really hard this week even though Easter hit :)
  7. hkontowt

    hkontowt Member

    Been a while since I've checked in on here... Been having a bit of a tough time health wise and in terms of stress levels. Not sleeping well and very run down at present... So the diet has gone out the window a little bit!!! This isn't good. So if anyone has any motivation for me so I don't just give up when I step on the scales tomorrow as right now that's how I'm feeling...

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