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Unlimited free food?


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I was starving hungry and leaving my hunger unsatisfied would lead to a binge on 'bad' foods. I made up a pot of super low fat noodles for an afternoon snack. I know SW isn't about counting calories but I had a look and it's 300 calories; just for a snack!

Was it ok to do this? Am I going OTT with "unlimited free food"? I'm feeling really greedy and piggish. :(
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I noticed a similar thing with the mug shots they are quite high in calories as well i was quite confused


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300 cals? That's less than one Snickers, right? Just to put it in perspective. If you're anything like me, a binge often involved loads of chocolate bars.

Don't ever feel bad about eating when you're hungry, so long as you still feel in control. Food isn't the enemy and you've got to keep your metabolism ticking over and give yourself enough energy to do stuff. Low cal noodles didn't make you fat, did they? Keep eating the good foods, have the odd treat, don't try to be perfect all the time, and hang in there and it'll happen!

No guilt allowed!!


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If you are on EE or green, what you did is just fine!
I trust that the sauce you used (if any) was syn free.
I think it's difficult to get one's head around eating lots of calories but SW is not geared around calories so please try and switch off that mindset!
When I am really hungry and muller lights and yogurt don't quite fill that spot, I too use pasta, mainly as a salad, with veg. Mugshots are brilliant too.
Another favourite of mine is jacket potato with low fat cottage cheese or beans.
All free!
I do EE.


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And your noodles will keep you filled up for a lot longer than a Snickers bar! That's the wonder of SW.

300 cals? That's less than one Snickers, right? Just to put it in perspective.


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Put it this way hun, do you feel full? Or atleast fuller than if you'd had a chocolate bar or cake or pack of crisps, I could quite easily eat 4/5/6/7... cakes/chocolate bars/packs of crisps before I felt full which is A LOT more calories than some noodles :D
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My consultant says that it's generally better for you to fill up on free food rather than syn-free food if you get what I mean. E.G. make pasta with a homemade tomato sauce, rather than a Pasta N Sauce sachet one.

I don't think it matter's too much, but she recommends this to people who are eating right SW things but not losing weight.



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