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Unsure if LT will be suitable due to new job

Hi all,

have had it confirmed today that i have a new job which in turn means i can restart LT due to having money again. Thing is i wont be having a shake at work, will have one before and then when i get home. Will be doing 7 hour shifts. Will this be possible without a shake in the middle? All answers gratefully recieved!

Lisa xx
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hi lisa i work 7 hrs i take 1 in morning and one soon as i get home sometimes later if i do the housework first then i have one as late as possible so i don't crack in the evening x gina
Surely you get a break in your working day? Is there a reason you wouldn't be able to 'make a shake' in your break?
Im sure we'd be allowed a break HelenG, thing is im not sure if i want my new colleagues to be aware of the plan. (ill be working for the nhs so might not get full support)

Think id just have to fill up on water until i got home.
lisa hi i work 4 the nhs and my work mates r fine with it i start work at 7 and get a break at 9 i have my first one then and the next one about 3 0r 4 if i can then i have one 9or so i am shurping at it now lol x
They don't need to know - lots of people have Slimfast for lunch, why shouldn't you
I do understand about your worries though, I work in a GP surgery and when I did Lipotrim one of the GPs was really supportive and the other was distinctly 'cold' about it
Fair point, will just have to see how i go. Try a day without first. If i dont manage then id have to take a shake with me.

If people were to ask would i just say its a plan ive devised with my GP? Or just tell them its a plan i use every now and then? (just dont want the usual arguments and opinions)
Just tell 'em you find it easier to have a shake as part of your balanced diet when you are working - lets you keep track of your calories, and saves you time preparing ahead;)
I had more trouble explaining the constant 'comfort breaks':eek:
Yep, I'm with you on the old comfort breaks, Helen!

Just an idea, Loser85, but you could just tell them it's an energy drink or a protein shake? You won't be lying ... unless you tell them that a lot of people at your gym use them?! ;)
its nothing to be ashamed of. as long as you have a shaker, all you need is about the same time to make a cuppa. mix it up and tell them its a milk shake which you are getting to like. that is they ask if not just keep mum. you will be surprised they will not bat an eyelid. i use a shaker and when am mixing it in the mess room, the nosey men i work with ask me what it is and i tell them its my weight loss shake. simple!just leave out the weightloss bit i will suggest because you dont know them well enough. takia
good luck with the job. hope you find a way of fitting the shakes in that works for you x

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