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Unwarranted Guilt

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Anti222, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

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    Paul McKenna
    I think I've just realised why I sometimes fall off plan. This might just be me but thought I'd pop a post in about it anyway just to get the words down. I find that I try really hard to stay on plan all week and then by the end of it I fall off the wagon. I try to use my syns on good things, like sauces, oil and things not normally considered 'junk food'. Then when I do have something 'naughty' like a chocolate bar or bag of crisps, I automatically think that I've blown it and may as well carry on being bad because the damage is already done.

    I felt like that yesterday and today for no good reason as I hadn't gone over my syns. Yesterday I'd been syn-free all day up to dinner (not deliberately, just what I had for breakfast and lunch happened to be free or HEX's). Then I had dinner, which was only 2 syns so I ate a mini pepperami for 2 syns and a bag of quavers for 4.5 syns. After that I just felt guilty for eating what I'd call 'junk' and wanted to carry on eating it but I went to bed instead. Today I was also syn free up to dinner and I ended up having half a Mattessons reduced fat sausage (3.5 syns), pasta, HEX of cheese and half a Dolmio stir in sauce (5.75 syns) for dinner. I packed it up with loads of veggies for my superfree but again, I felt guilty for eating it because it wasn't free or 'low' in syns, even though I'm still under my syns for the day!

    What is wrong with me!? It's so annoying that I know that I can eat that stuff as part of the plan but in my mind it just doesn't make sense and I feel bad for eating it. I really need to pull myself together and accept that I'm doing the plan correctly because I think that's part of the reason I keep messing up. I deny myself nice things like chocolate and crisps, which is silly because I know I'll end up with a binge!

    Sorry for the self-rant, I felt like I had to say this for my own peace of mind and there's no-one at home who I could say it to who would understand hehe. Thanks for listening!
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  3. janjayjay

    janjayjay Member

    We all our foibles and oddities with dieting, i mentioned in another post that I somehow kid myself that if I don't write down when I have something naughty it's like it doesn't count so I have too much then think oh now I've blown it, don't want to know how bad I've been then go totally off plan, sometimes over something that I could easily have included in plan without going over that much. It's just getting our heads around it.

    I think you just have to try and re-educate yourself that these foods are allowed, you can be "naughty" and stay within your syns. Perhaps try and plan out your syns for the day, write them down so you can see in black & white that they're ok to have.

    all the best
  4. positively_purple

    positively_purple Full Member

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    Slimming World
    I do this too! One bad moment even if it ends up within weekly syns I feel that ive blown the week so I might as well eat myself to death! :confused:
  5. kellykelly

    kellykelly Full Member

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    SW no meetings & 1 day fast
    I felt this way today after a bag of Quavers, i need to stop thinking SW is the same as every other diet!
  6. janjayjay

    janjayjay Member

    Exactly Kellykelly, we ARE allowed these treats, we don't have to deprive ourselves and saying that I've just had a bag of M&S Guilt Free Snacking chocolate & pecan popcorn, 6.5 syns of toally yummy with a homemade cappucino, feels very indulgent :D
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