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Up-date on my hoola hoop/dance hoop

I bought a hoola hoop last week, and did too much too soon, and got very badly bruised.
This week, I am doing 2 10 minute sessions throughout the day, totalling 20 minutes in all. No bruises so far, and I can see my waist taking shape, and I feel a lot more toned
I still can't keep up with the exercise dvd though, but I am determined to get there. Will keep you up-dated on my progress.
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I can't hula hoop for the life of me! It just falls straight to the floor. Obviously I have no rhythm :p
I've heard Beyonce does it though, so it must be good! :D I'll be really interested to see if it does help lose inches from your waist.


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Yes, it is very normal to bruise when using a weighted hoop for the first few times. Even now, when I am trying a new trick, or hoop on a new 'area' I bruise - the body gets used to it very quickly though - be careful hooping on a bruise - you don't want to make matters worse

My teacher recommends hooping for long enough to get a slightly increased heart rate - she considers 20 mins a day, in one chunk, to be perfect for toning and weight loss.
Thank you for that, when I first got my hoop I used it for an hour, and the following day, I could hardly walk.
Its amazing just how quickly I have toned up. I am actually getting through the warm up session on my dvd now. The only thing is, my hoop is huge, and I keep bumping into the furniture, so I will have to move my sofa next time I use it. Lol


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lol! my hoop is 42" and I mainly use it outside - my low ceilinged cottage is rubbish for arial work!
I bought a cheap one from toys r us, but because it wasn't weighted kept falling down. So I bought a weighted one, and its a lot easier, it never falls down, unless I hit the furniture.
Slimandhappy, can I ask which hoop you'd recommend? I also bought a cheap one from toys'r'us which doesn't stay up at all and then read that a weighted one is better. A dvd sounds like a good idea too.

Where did you get yours from?


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What's a weighted hula hoop? Is this different to the ordinary hoops I used to use when I was a kid?
lol yes - and much bigger too :)

Mine is 42" diameter - up to my hip bone - and it weighs about 700g.

The smaller the hoops, the harder it is to control and keep up. The heavier the hoop (up to a point) the better the workout.

ebay has a fair range - they are usually available from about 38" and up - I am 5'8" and 40/42 is perfect for me

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