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UPDATE: I want to say a BIG thank you for everyones support & advice!


..doing it!
Hello :)

Its been a few days since i was last on here and i am feeling better than i did when i last posted! :ashamed0005:

So far i am waiting to hear from a friend to see if her cousin can move in with me. Awaiting notifacation on the reduction of my council tax. I've also gone through all my stuff and sorted out what i'd like to sell on ebay, clothes, shoes handbags etc didnt realise its been soo long since i had a proper sort out! :d'oh:

I have decided to STAY ON LT as it will guarantee loss of weight and works out cheaper than eating healthy for me :D

I went to my job centre plus on thursday and talked to an advisor who was able to put me in touch with a company called Carewatch who provide care and support to people in their own homes.

I have a job interview with them tomorow morning!!! :eek:

OMG im soo nervous! :sick0019:

I'm currently re-drafting my cv & cover letter to include details of the care i provided for my late father.

Im hoping (and preying!!!) that all will go well tomorow. BUT if it doesnt it isnt the end of the world and i will keep sending out my cv and go back to the job centre and do some :kissass2:

Congratulations on everyones weight loss this week :happy096:

Again, im soo thankful that this forum exists! :thankyou:

Lei xXx
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Good luck with your interview tomorrow. You seem to be in the right positive state of mind to succeed at LT! I'll be thinking of you.

Good luck for tomorrow let us know how you get on
:thankyou: Im determined to loose every last lb on LT!!! :D
And I'm sure you will! You deserve to reach your goal.:gen126:



I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Lei!

Glad things looking good!

Im working in care work at the minute and it is a very rewarding job, Although can be quite stressful!

Go into the interview with a good attitude! Show you are friendly and try to show confidence!

My boss told me that most companies want to see carers who are Friendly, Confident and talkative and have a good attitude.. (they are looking for people who can make the clients feel comfortable etc as this and talking to the clients can highly reduce their embarrasment)

Good luck for tomorrow! Im sure you will fly through it xxxx


..doing it!
I'll be back on here tomorow evening to report back :fyi:

Fingers (and legs) crossed....well.....they will be from the time i get off me pc later haha :giggle:



..doing it!
Thanks alot for your advice ChellyWellyBoot i can usually talk for england!!! :D I just hope my nerves hold up and i stick to my main points :)



I will be skinny again!!!
Just try to relax!

Ive got fingers, toes, and legs crossed for you (did have my eyes but it got difficult to read the screen :p)


maintaining since June'09
You're making such positive strides forward for yourself - you can't fail!

Remember - if you think you can or think you can't - you're right!!

Know you can do it and you WILL!!

You won't need it but all the very best of luck!!! xx
Hi Leinya, :wow: such amazing positivity, you are sure to do well in everything you do. Worry is such a debilitating emotion, I'm very proud that you have taken action and your problems are now turning into solutions. Just wait until you are well into LT, your confidence will grow even more!!! Best of luck on the job-front.

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