Updated with piccies of Lulu the biggest horse i ever rode


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Right well newbies hello and old members im back again :D

Still about the same weight and floudering so giving it one more go, im much more active in my day to day life so must be eating like a stag. I work 3 mornings at a week in a riding school and am muc king out 15 horses and riding a couple of times a week as well so that is burning calories.

I have all the support from my OH that i need and i really want to do it this time.
I know this site has proved helpful in the past with stories and everyone in the same boat ;)

So here i am :D:D:D
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Jo Slim

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Hi there,
I,ve just restarted aswell, I think we revert back to WW because we know it works & I agree it definitely helps coming on here:)
Gosh you do sound pretty active with your job, I,m sure you,ll get back into it in no time:D


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Hey! Good luck :)


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Hey I'm a newbie Hi and good luck.


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Hello and Welcome back!!!



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Well back from this mornings work, 2 hours of mucking out and 30 mins riding ( had to call it a day though as someone was lunging their stallion and my horse was NOT impressed with that thundering past lol )
So i feel nice and healthy, and stinky and will be off to my 2nd job in 10 minutes ( and im walking there wooooohoo ), will have to get some new batteries for my pedometer so i can see how many steps i take a day


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Hello, i remember you !! welcome back-i think you were going to be moving house werent you ?
nice to see you again


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Oooh yes mommy i did move house, good memory :D

We have been here a while and settled in nicely now, i couldnt go back now lol

Hope your dieting has been going well


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Well im not in a good way this morning, diet wise im well, sticking to my points and planning dinner the day before but my back is sooooooooooo sore. I got woken up at 5.30am and was in too much pain to get back to sleep. I can hardly stand straight in the morning and rolling over in bed is a no go
I havent been to the docs as i know they will say it could be my weight problems so i will lose a bit first and hopefully reap the rewards in health beifits. For now i have been to the chemist and got deep heat spray ( very bizzare when used for the first time ) and nurofen for backs and paracetamol, then if i do have to go to the docs i will be able to say i have tried everything lol and hopefully be a good stone lighter

Hope everyone is doing well today :D


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hey hope your back feels better soon! god the dreaded docs... i can count a zillion times i have been to the docs and they have blamed it all on my weight! and its not always that! a couple of years back I had a terrible cough for about 3 months and it just wouldnt go away after trying numerous cough medicines... when i went to the doc GET THIS... he said... because I am so overweight my stomach acids are being pushed up into my lungs etc and that is making me cough. well it turned out that I had a very bad chest infection and had fluid in my lungs because of how long I had the cough etc... and i was in hospital for over a week with a thingie machine to help me breathe!

Anyway moral of the story.... if you think this pain is more than just a random ache then go to the docs and beat a drum till they are prepared to treat you properly instead of blame it on the weight!

Sorry 4 the rant xx get well soon


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So got weighed this morning and have lost 6lb :D:D
To say im chuffed is under statement, it has really spurred me on to do well this week
Done my exercise for the day and just having half and hour then off to jb number 2 of the day ;)


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wow, excellent WL, good luck for next week :D


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Well had a good weekend but a small blip on Sunday when i was soooo busy i hadnt planned dinner and we eneded up having a kebab ( which tasted awful anyway ), that'll teach me
So was definatly over my points Sunday dont know by how many i didnt work it out but i swept it under the carpet and carried on the next day, i didnt let it drag me into a complete weeks blow out like normal :D

Have been good the rest of the week and more importantly i havent hopped on the scales to see how im doing so tomorrow im looking forward to a good result

Off to the inlaws tomorrow in cornwall for the weekend so although i wont be counting points i will be making good choices on what to eat and back to the points Monday


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best of luck with your wi, and well done last week 6lb was brill !

i too muck out but only 1 horse my husbands hunter, dunno how u do 15! fair play to you !
my daughter hads 2 ponies and she does her own (she's 10) hopefully i'll buy myself a horse this year

again good luck on wi ;)


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Well i didnt get chance to update before we left for Cornwall but i lost a whopping 7lb this week
Its sooooooo great i have eaten like a horse ( excuse the pun ) not saved points, not gone without and definatly not lived off salad and soup but it is falling off me this time
I have had an indulgent weekend but will be back to 100% tomorrow and we only get down there a couple of weekends a year so i have to allow myself a little break

We have done alot of walking this weekend however so lets hpe that helps a little, hope everyone is having a good week


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Day one back on track and its going ok, i normally eat 28 points a day and have checked this morning and it looks like i have gained 4lb while i was away so im knocking 4 points off a day for the next 3 days till weigh in and hopefully do damage limitation

Been to the stables this morning so have had my workout for my arms and i tell you after a few days off its really hard to get back to it hahahaha


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Hi Vodka. Good to see you back. You seem to be doing well, onwards and upwards to slimdome !