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urgent help needed from the girls

Okay - so today i thought I was getting my period 2 weeks early - had the tummy cramps and everything - so took 2 paracetamol and went about my day. Only to discover that I didnt get my period but had this pinky blood and only a tiny bit. My first thought is implantation bleeding! And i am so so scared - without going into too much detail - we did almost have an accident the day before I got my period last month. So it is very possible that I could be pregnant

Or could this be a side effect of the lipotrim?? Has anybody else experienced this??
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lipotrim can alter your periods hun,but if your worried do a test,i got pains both times i got caught ,pink is quite unusal though ,maybe you will come on it the morning xx
But im not due for 2 weeks! I didnt have bleeding on my daughter well tbh that whole time is a blur so its possible i did and dont remember

This is the worst possible time something like this could happen! We dont have our house yet and no where near enough money to get it!!


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Aww honey do a test..dont torture yourself i know how that feels and its not nice! Its best to know either way hun and LT can make your periods strange xxx
Even though im not due for another 2 weeks? Will a test tell that early

Im so praying that im gonna go to the loo and im gonna have my period - ive never wanted them so much!


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Even though im not due for another 2 weeks? Will a test tell that early

Im so praying that im gonna go to the loo and im gonna have my period - ive never wanted them so much!
yeah tracey right do the test,that might just be spotting your bodys changing with the diet,dont stress yourself do the test xjx


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You said you almost had an accident before your last period hun? but you had your period right? therefore not pregnant. Any accidents this month? If you are pregnant honey from last month then it should show up on the test you would think but prob not from this month after only 2 weeks. It is prob fine hun but i totally know how you feel and its not nice willing your period to come NOW! Try a test hun and just wait and see xxx
I had the same thing and asked my chemist and she said that we store estrogen in our fat so as we loose the fat we relese estrogen which puts our periods out of cync ive had it about 3 times so do a test to make sure but i dont think u have owt to worry about luv keep ya chin up x


By coincidence I also started with the same symptoms as you 2 days ago !!
Today, though, I also started to get pain when trying to wee, so went to the doctor & it's just a urine infection !!
Try not to worry ( easier said than done, I know ! ) , but definitely do a test if you still think that you could be pregnant.


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I wouldn't fret too much, from what you say it doesn't sound likely that you are but I completely get how scary it is!!!
I've not had a period for 2 months now but I think it's a combination of the oestrogen and the fact I've lost 25% of my body weight.
I feel really silly now - Its officially TOTM. Its a very strange one though and i feel really lousy very run down, dizzy, faint and nausous. I also feel like I weigh about 14 stone - so very bloated. I have my weigh in tonight:cry: so chances are ill have put on weight.


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First of all...Yipeeeee! on getting TOTM. Secondly, feck weigh in tonight.....you will NOT have put up weight....you will at worst be retaining water which will be gone in a day or two. I mean in the bigger scheme of things and what it could have been....2/3lbs in water weight is nothing!
Hey Ally, yep my TOTM is all over the place, I bled from ovulation time right through, almost 2 weeks in total. Definitely to do with the LT. Glad its sorted now, you might find they last a bit longer this time. Don't worry about WI, I was up .25lb, but still felt lighter in my clothes and that. Good luck for tonight, lets know how you get on hun!
So pleased for you Ally, you need to relax and chill now kidda, xxx


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Phew....glad that one is sorted!! You are more fertile on LT (see me LOL) so be extra careful if you dont want another little one!!!
Hi Ally, I've been on LT almost 7 weeks, and am now on my 3rd TOTM :eek:

Presently I am having similar symptoms to yourself - no pain, but pink blood, and very very heavy - almost afraid to sit down anywhere if you know what I mean, I was also very tired yesterday and was in bed by 8:30 !!!

I think it's a case of swings and roundabouts - losing weight quickly = heavier more frequent periods:sigh:
I will chill out now guys thanks. I didnt no that you were more fertile on lt - A good reason to abstain me thinks!!

I lost 3lb yesterday - so even though I felt fat - I wasnt !! I was probably thinking I would put on weight so much I convinced myself I had put on weight and therefore felt fat and frumpy!


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Well done on the 3lbs!!! See you just need to keep the faith! Keep at it!

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