Urggghhhhh... do you think the pharmacy will swap?

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After my first choc shake yesterday (made with warm water... big mistake), I tried the soup last night :( VILE. I even ended up going to bed with only the two for the day because I really, really couldn't face another one.

Today is a new day and thanks to some wonderful people on here I made up a strawberry shake with ice this morning and a vanilla this afternoon.. which both went down much much easier than yesterday. ;) Going to give the chocolate one another shot this evening.

So I now have 4 soups that I cannot even contemplate using.... do you think the pharmacy will swap them for some shakes?

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mine told me she would always swap....but I expect its down to individual shops. After 3 soups Im not sure I will ever have another, think its an aquired taste! xx


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I love the soup, have two a day in this weather and then i just use choc for my other one... dont mind the strawberry or vanilla either but like them three with a spoonfull of powder coffee in them so they are not too sweet.. try the soup thicker and blended and not blended cause i think it tastes different depending on how i make it.. if at home i blend it and if in work i just stir it with spoon in my shaker which makes it really thick then :)

good luck with it all :):)


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Ohh and my chemists always swaps them for me.. xx


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I too hated the soup last year when I was on lipotrim, not even tried it this time, I will stick with the other three and maybe have a coconut bar next week. I enjoyed them the last time around.


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im drinking all choc shakes, they are not going down to well, and its only my first day, im not sure how im going to manage the rest of the week, but i really really cant give up this time!!! the pharmacist said i can change them anytime i like and just to pop in, but i dont like any other flavours or the soups tried them last time i was on this diet and they were awfull! ive seen alot of people say if you mix ice with the shakes it makes them more thick and alot more tastier... is that true? i might have to give it a whirl tommorow x


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I would be amazed if your chemist wouldn't swap for you. I find the shakes nicer cold, i don't use ice but i do have to have the water out of the fridge not room temp,yuk!


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I like to do different things with the shakes. I have the chocolate hot, but I add hot water that has had a peppermint teabag brewed in it, so its like a choc/mint drink, its really nice for supper time.

I have the strawberry always cold with crushed ice.

Vanilla I love mixing with hot coffee, so moreish.

Just experiment with them until you find something you like to do with them.


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does anyone know why you have to drink the shakes within 15 mins? i tried to look it up but cant seem to find anything.....


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Its something to do with the shakes losing their nutrients after they are mixed, so the 15 minutes is to make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

Also you shouldnt blast them in the microwave, that also causes the nutrients to be lost.

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Everyone has ti find what suits themselves. Your tastes will change over the weeks. Personally, I have chocolate with cold water, vanilla with a tespoon of coffee and icy water and strawberry with icy water. Cannot bear the soup. I have flapjacks for when out and about at weekends. They are yeuchy but better than sitting with water or coffee while everyone else eats!!!