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USA Slimming world Q's about online program

Hello everyone! :)

I am in the USA now but did Slimming World when I lived in England.(loved it)

I do not live in Texas where they have Slimming World meetings and wondered about joining online.

I wonder what you get if you join online as its expensive to join from overseas. Do I physically get the program booklets so I can read them or is it all online?

My husband is going to England tomorrow to visit his family and I was thinking it would save me a lot of money if he went to a meeting and joined to get the booklets and program info then brought it home to me.

Would that be everything I needed to do the program from home without spending all the money to do the online membership? Or do you think you get more with the online membership for overseas and its worth the extra money?

Many thanks for your time.

Also I'd love to hear if anyone is doing Slimming World from the USA and how its working here since the brands are different. Is it hard to follow without the same brands?

I loved Slimming World when I lived in England. But I also lived off of the brands in the book that were free foods. I think back then there was a canned mac and cheese that I always ate. Things like that I'm not sure how I would do the same here?

Shelly :)
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Hi shelly
I'm in TX but jot anywhere near a place for meetings. I checked the online program after reading the mag article here last week and was shocked to see it would cost me $160 to join, and that is only for 3 months.

From what I've read here you don't even get much for your money. I think BritMum mentioned e site not even having a list of free foods for USA, the only ones who have access to that are the members in groups in the US?!

I definitely think it worth it of your hubby got the literature from over there, but someone else might be able to give you more info here. I'm still totally new to it all and just trying to gain knowledge from these forums.

Good luck.
you will get the basic information to do the plan if you join online, as well as access to food diary and the syn calculator.

However (unless they have now updated, I refuse to pay all that money again to find out they still havent got US appropriate information) they dont have extensive lists for the US. I contacted them several times about it and still it wasnt updated, which is annoying as I know the US website for group meetings in Texas have access to the information. They have a much longer list of Healthy Extras and also lists of free branded foods none of which is on the online subscription site. So, after my 3 months ran out, I cancelled, as it just wasnt worth the money when you dont get access to the information you need.

Other than that of course it is a great plan, and is easy to follow from overseas once you get used to it all, as obviously the free foods are generic items that are easy to obtain. It is things like Healthy Extras that are harder, as the ones listed online are mostly aimed at the UK which we dont get.

A few of us following the plan have started adding to sticky threads at the top of this board for low synned and free stuff as and when we find it. So that you may find useful.

Good luck
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With the exchange rate, I paid $100 for the 3 month program with no program booklets. If there is no updated Healthy Extras for US-branded foods by the time my membership is up, I won't be renewing either. Despite this, it is a great program.
With the exchange rate, I paid $100 for the 3 month program with no program booklets. If there is no updated Healthy Extras for US-branded foods by the time my membership is up, I won't be renewing either. Despite this, it is a great program.
hey Clevagirl, it might help if you email slimming world and complain also, I figure the more people complaining aobut it they may actually do something with the site so that we can access the same info the Texas groups do. As there is no excus really if they already have this information, it cant take much to copy it across.


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There's been a lot of negative comments about the SW website on the minimins forum from on-line members. I go to a group and have access to the website and the only thing I use it for is to track my weight (which you can do free on-line) and the syn calculator. They do have recipes but there are many recipes here and you can find more using google. If you can I would try and go it alone using this forum as support. I agree with some of the other contributors and ask your hubby to pick up a book for you.
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