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Valentines Day?

Hi Gemma, im on LL and my hubby really wants me to eat with him. I am unsure at the moment, however I spoke to my LLC yesterday and she said if i do end up having something, then have 1 tiny protein/salad. The size of my palm, i will see how it goes, but do want to stick to it aswell.
See how u do, i went to Egypt for 2 weeks in November and one day i had 1 piece of lettuce and 1 bite of chicken, thinking i would end up eating, and the opposite happened, i stuck to my diet for the whole of 2 weeks 99.9%.

It is hard work though, the only 1 danger is, whether one would want to go back to the packs after eating yummy food, only do it, if u haev the willpower to continue as soon as u come back .
Oh Valentines :(

Having just split from my boyfriend after 1.5 years Valentines is OFF my agenda this year. I'll be the one hiding under the duvet with soup or a shake.



Loooooves MiniMins
This year DH and I are going out for a meal (never normally do anything so time for a change), I'm getting close to goal though so it's not going to ruin things too much for me but if you still have a bit to go and can be difficult getting back into ss, big time. I will try and stick to chicken salad or something though and hopefully have the self control to miss puddingf, but like I said we don't normally get the chance to do that together. Hmmm does that sound like I'm talking myself into having pudding? lol
It's my birthday on Valentines day!:D
I'll be SSing this year and not going out - or at least not to a restaurant. They are always heaving with "romantic couples" anyway which kind of puts me off ;)... so I think DH and I will get a babysitter and go to the cinema instead, which is a rare treat for us....


Back On CD.......
We normally go out for a meal every year, until a few days ago we were still going out for a meal, but decided against it as its a 4 course meal & I dont think I would be able to eat all that food, which would be a waste of money

I am gonna do aam next week so I said we will go for tea on my Weigh Day which is monday & I will just have a chicken dish..

I'm cooking my lovely hubby a nice meal and will sit with a frozen choc tetra with him, IT'S A DAY, THERE WILL BE PLENTY MORE WHEN YOU'VE SS'D SUCCESSFULLY, DON'T COME OFF JUST FOR ONE DAY, IF HE LOVES YOU HE'LL UNDERSTAND sorry, I feel strongly that this diet needs a change of lifestyle and if we all carry on looking at 'special days' as diet cheat days we'll never get there.

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