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valerie11's food diary

started back at w/w yesterday today am having
breakfast: golden syrup oats so simple-2
1 pint skimmed milk-2
lunch: 2 slices w/w bread-11/2
thinly sliced ham-2
philly light-11/2
dinner: w/w chicken curry & rice-41/2
w/w yoghurt mousse-1
210g apricots in juice-1
210g prunes in juice-21/2
total = 18 points :)
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had a bad day yesterday could kick myself have cut down today to make up for it get weighed tomorrow blame myself if i have put weight on gggrrrr.:mad:
starting weight: 14st.05
week 1: 14st.10.05
week 2: 14st.10
i had a good week till sunday went shopping was going to go to yates and have a roast dinner without roast pots thought i would be really good but there was no yates so ended up having a full breakfast it was huge and i ate it all tried not to eat anything else the rest of the day but by night time was hungry so had a sandwich then monday was good all day came on here to read what people liked to eat those pink and white wafers kept comimg up so i had to rush down to sainsburies at 10 to 8 and buy some got 2 packs and ate the lot (note to myself dont buy anymore) was really angry with myself do it too often i should show more restraint ggggrrrrrr its weigh in tomorrow am not very hopefull :cry:

well i didnt put any weight on phew sts but going to crack down, going to try and do some walking this week and go on excercise bike no excuses :eek:
wendi plan

have been deciding whether to do the wendy plan this week to see if it kick starts my weight loss or to drop a couple of points, i have been starving today only got 4.5 points left for rest of day had egg and bacon brekkie that came to 8 points still felt ravenous after it had a cheewie bar didnt really need it can feel a binge mode coming on trying to get some incentive on here so i dont go and pig out will only be angry with myself if i do, think i will have load of veggies tonight with mint sauce on then i will still have the 4.5 points for naughty bits yay :)
didnt do the wendi plan

re calculated my points instead went down to 20 points lost 2.5 lbs was well happy got to keep it up now can already deel the difference my jeans are slipping down yay
Welldone on your loss Hun! 2.5lbs is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I'm Glad you seem a bit happier and more motivated again!
By the way what is the Wendy Plan, I've never heard of it?

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