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valium...Northeistone and VLCDS....oh and all inclusive holidays


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Does this combination mix well together?

I am off to Corfu in 2 weeks time on an all inclusive holiday (6 of us in total...me and my OH and 4 teenagers ranging from 12 - 18)

I am looking forward to the break but wonder if I am ok to do my sole source up to the day I fly, baring in mind I will be taking Valium (for the flight)...and Northiestone (sp) progesterone only tablets) to stop my Period coming on as its due the day we fly.....do these 3 things mix ok together

Should I do add a meal the week before I go (I weigh 10 stone 10 and have a BMI of 25.9...) i want to get to 10.6 0r lower by 30th July and thought keeping on with Sole source was the best way...but suddenly thought all my new clothes may not fit me on the return flight if I regain 10 pounds of glycogen and water (plus the water retention you get from the progesterone tablets)....should I buy everything one size larger just to be sure? Seems a waste of money

Silly questions from a doping lady that should know better....

Anyone answer?
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Hi not sure about the medication questions but if i was you i would start working up the plans, your BMI is fantastic! I would love to have that as my BMI. It would be awful to gain alot of weight on holiday and be feeling down about it. When u come back u can always carry on for another couple of weeks on 1000cals or something similar. I go on hols in 4 weeks and im starting to think about working up plans even tho i still have a way to go yet as i cant bear the thought of putting any of this weight back on lol. Can i ask a question about the pill ur taking to delay ur period? Do u take it as soon as u come on or how does it work? I was going to be fine for my holiday but the diet has delayed my period so looks like i may be on when im away but dont know for sure so not sure what to do!


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Hi JayJay

Your weight loss is fantastic. You must feel wonderful. I think I will add a chicken and salad meal to the evenings next week so I dont undo all my work so far. I want to lose another couple of stone before October so would be gutted if this was all for nothing.

Where are you going in 4 weeks

Hi im off to madeira and i cant wait. Just hop weather will be nice! Corfu will be lovely, i have been to greece 5 times and i love it! Only reason have not gone this time is i have to take hols during school holidays and for some reason madeira was cheaper than greece lol, think its coz people dont usually take children to madeira and it doesnt have many beaches. U must be pretty excited to be able to go on holiday and show off ur new figure!! Dont u just love this diet!


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yes its a great diet, but unfortunately I have excess skin (so no bikinis for me)...i am ok everywhere except my tummy which is where I gain all my weight, plus carrying a 10 and a half pound baby didnt help matters. Pre children I was 7 stone 10. I went up to 13 stone with my first child, had another 2 and now have a giant marshmallow where my tummy once was...dunno how posh manages to get her figure back so quickly

Im a bit worried about our choice of hotel as Ive noticed bad reviews on trip advisor...Its Yalsaris Palace have you heard of it

Madeira sounds lovely, let me know what its like
I have not heard of that hotel but u have to take alot of reviews with a pinch of salt! IM panicking about weather in madeira as a review has just been posted on our hotel and they said they went last week and weather has not been great! grr! HOpe u have a lovely holiday! I never used to put weight on my tummy but as i got bigger it all went there so thats where im struggling to lose it, that and my thighs lol. Need to get exercising and i have never had a baby so i have no excuse lol! Congrats on ur fab weight loss! x

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