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Vegetarian mousse on CD?

Hi hun, there are some veggies out and about, Ill see of I can find some, how would you make the mousse withour mix a mousse??


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Well, I believe you can get vegetarian gelatine, but never used it before, think I'm going to have to get some and give it a go this weekend with a pack! Will post and let you know if it worked or not!

cheers susan xx


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thanks for the link natayou...just checked the site out and I already know what gelatine in made of but thought this quote was good!​

'It's probably no coincidence that gelatin rhymes with skeleton—because that's exactly what it is—animal bones GROSS!'

Will give the alternative a go this weekend when I've been shopping!

Cheers susan​
Now this rings a bell.....I'm sure someone on here (whilst we were all on another site) experimented with agar agar but I'm not sure what the result was.

It's worth a go - why not? It might not work but you'll still be able to eat your pack (unless it turns out like concrete lol).

I was a veggie for 9 years - more to do with animal rights than anything else. Then I got pregnant and craved fish and meat - doh!

I know from experience that pointing out the ugly facts of what meat-eaters are eating doesn't actually put them off. Odd but true lol.

Unfortunatley this is true Isobel1965 even with myself, all our family (5 of us) have only been veggies for just over a year now, if fact I have been fighting my concience over the last few months to include fish in my diet as I don't think many carbs agree with me at all, but I could never go back to eating meat and poultry. And I do know that if I do start to include fish I won't be labelle a veggie anymore!
You'd be a piscatarian (sp?) if you started to eat fish - which is a label that's never much appealed to me lol!

I was a really 'bad' veggie as I hate lentils, pulses, tofu etc. Don't mind Quorn but you can get sick of the same thing all the time, can't you. I overdosed on crips, cheese, chips and chocolate to make up for my lack of protein. Seemed to make sense at the time.....doh!

I must admit, we probably eat a better diet now than we did when we ate meat, epecially my 14 year old son, he's tried more stuff and loves it. We love the lentil and butternut squash that I make and I still do a sunday roast with a 'fake' lamb or chicken roast - very nice! We are more adventurous with food than we were too but my shopping bill is quite a bit more! We certainly don't do without and I can never understand people who think that vegetarians are thin and look ill because I certainly don't..lol!

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