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Veggiegirls All Green Diary

Starting weight 13 stone 8.5 lbs :mad:
Height 5'7"
Target weight 10 stone 10 lbs

I would like to post my diary for a couple of reasons :)

1. To keep me on track.
2. I lost 2.5 stone on all green a couple of years ago (but with a split, stress, move etc I left group and its crept on again of course) and Im hoping my diary will help other veggies who have maybe not been SW members before AND to help anyone with a "fear" of "carbs". I am always sad when I see people are giving up potatoes etc or who are measuring out pasta as there really is no need :)

I will post my weight change each week as well. I go to group on a Monday morning.

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Monday 23rd May

BF - 2 Weetabix (Hex B) with a banana cut onto it using some of my 250ml (Hex A) SS milk.

Lunch - stir fry (mushrooms, onion, carrot, beansprouts, cabbage, Quorn steak pieces, sweetcorn cooked for 5 minutes with some soy sauce.

Hi-fi bar (Hex B)

X-pop lolly (2.5 syns)

Dinner tonight - risotto (arborio rice, asparagus tips, onion, peas, celery, stock and chilli flakes) with 14g parmesan sprinkled on (half my second Hex A)

6 cups of coffee (using the remaining milk after brekkie plus 125 ml SS half of a second Hex A)

Pudding - one meringue next (2.5 syns) crumbled up and layered with a banana Mullerlight with a handful of raspberries on top.

I have also had a small slice of flapjack that my son made - not sure of the syns but only had 5 planned for today anyway and I dont think the small piece I had equates to 10 syns (hope not anyway!!):eek:

Tuesday 24th May

Today I have had....

2 slices Warburtons 400g w/m bread (Hex B) lightly toasted and then fried in Frylight for a few seconds on each side to finish them off with a "fried bread" taste with fried egg on one and beans on the other. I also fried the beans as well as it saves on washing up and they go a bit cowboy food mushy which I like - little dash of tabasco in as well to perk them up. (luckily beans dont make me suffer!)

2 Starbucks skimmed milk lattes - officially 10 syns for them and as my 2 Hex A milk choices would have come to 12 syns, Im classing these drink as my milk allowance today.

Wetherspoons 5 Bean chilli with tortilla chips and basmati rice - thought it was 9.5 syns but was delighted to discover it was only 4.5!

And extra strong mint! 0.5.

A Hifi Bar (Hex B)

Had a lovely time with my friend...must keep remembering that by choosing wisely when I go out and not having puddings etc, Im not missing out on anything as I still have a good time - when I DO say "oh blow it, Im having what I like" then what I AM missing out on is being slim.

Not sure what to have for tea yet, still full up!....:)
Well after being full up and thinking I wasnt need to going to eat anymore today, I have since eaten the following:-

A banana

About 30 raspberries

A rather odd-looking bowl of of mushroom/egg-fried rice (mushrooms stir fried in soy sauce for a few mins while plain rice cooked, I then added the rice and mushrooms together and stir-fried a bit longer before adding a beaten egg and finally a few spare peas as Id cooked too many to go with my sons dinner. Then because I had meant to include fried salad onion as well, I sliced that up and added it raw and mixed it in. A very grey strange looking bowl of tea but it tasted lush!

Im now going to eat half of a frozen snack size Mars bar as I fancy a little sweet fix, and thats me done for the day!



The Big One
Hi Veggiegirl - just popping in to say hello. I'm veggie too and got all excited seeing another green day diary! Your menus are looking good - I'm particularly drawn to your 'fried bread'. It's not something I ever had a lot of pre SW, but blimey it was good! I may be making a fry up very soon to try it out.

Well done on choosing wisely while you were out btw. It's great to still be able to go out and stay in control and within your limits.

Hope all goes well for you, good luck with your losses x
Wednesday 25th May

Hello Beegee and B's lovely lady, thank you so much for dropping by! I fear Im not going to be that inspiring but I'll give it a go! :)

Re the fried bread - I just find that by pressing it down in the pan with a bit of frylight on it flattens it, makes it a bit more dense and you just get a little hint of fried bread - although not like the white dripping-in-fat stuff that I might have had a while ago!! But still, a nice little (healthy!) taste.

This is my menu today:-

Breakfast - a whole cantaloupe melon

Lunch - jacket pot cooked in microwave, will scoop out the middle of the pot and mix with black pepper a tiny bit of salt (dont use it that often but nice on potato) and 42g camembert (Hex B) sliced into the mix. Will spray the outside of the potato with frylight to make it go crispy, add the filling back in and put in the oven for 10 mins to crisp up the skin and melt the cheese. Lettuce from the garden and cherry toms with it.

A Hi-fi (Hex B)

Dinner - Slow Cooker Slop! Quorn sausages cut into 4, tin of plum toms, chopped onion, baked beans, kidney beans, chilli powder,haricot paste and some stock - all chucked in the slow cooker for a few hours, sounds gross but Ive done this before and you end up with a sort of spicy sausage and bean casserole. I use any beans I have in the cupboard - haricot, black eye, kidney etc. Very nice with an oz of cheddar (Hex A) grated onto it. Very filling "cowboy" food (Im sure I was a cowgirl in a previous life!).

I will have that when I get home from work later at about half 9 and then treat myself to another frozen snack Mars bar for 8 syns. I had 4 extra syns yesterday than I put down as I couldnt cut the Mars bar and so ate it all.

Syns for the week incl today = 26 out of a possible 45 BUT I did have that piece of flapjack which I must look up to get a rough idea.

Over and out for today, the microwave has just beeped! Once again, many thanks for your comments xxx
Thursday 26th May

B's lovely lady - the cowboy sausage hotpot was lush if I do say so myself lol! Forgot to say it included a shake of cumin as well if you do try it - also, Ive just had the rest of it for lunch and it was better the next day as the sauce had really thickened up....mmm!

Todays food is:-

Breakfast - just an apple. Didnt feel hungry as I woke with a headache - probably withdrawal symptoms as Im keeping off red wine!

Lunch - Big plate of cowboy casserole (see yesterday) with an oz of cheddar (Hex A) melted onto the top.

Hi fi bar (Hex B)

A muller light yoghurt before I go to work.

Tea will be Ainsley Harriot lentil dahl (syn free without the yoghurt) and some salad.

Will have another hi-fi bar (Hex B) either after my tea or with a coffee at work - I dont usually have the same B choice twice but I dont think it hurts really.

Later this evening I will also enjoy yet another snack Mars bar! (8 syns)

Not very inspiring today but am going shopping tomorrow :)


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