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I am doing Exante TS, but for the last 3 days I have been going absolutely mad with cravings for broccoli. If this were a junky food craving, I would ignore it and just think it is detox. But broccoli? I am wondering if perhaps I should listen to my body and have some. As far as I know, it will not affect ketosis, right?

I have had this craving for broccoli a couple other times. Once when I had a terrible flu and hadn't eaten for days, and at the end of it all I could think about was broccoli! And another time when I was doing Atkins. Maybe my body wants fiber or something.

Any thoughts appreciated!
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I'm not veggi, but i've been craving brocolli from day 4 onwards! Never even really liked it before (unless it was covered in gravy...mmmmmmm). Have also been craving cheese, and I don't even usually eat cheese.

Oddness x


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Had really weird craving for oysters last weekend ( yeah I am so posh I normally live on them and champagne ;) ) ended up buying 1/2 dozen .....and eating them !
I am sure that I don't have cancer, but thank you for the link :) I used to crave okra... I once drove to the 24 hour grocery at 4AM to get a carton of okra. I hope that doesn't happen again because I haven't even seen okra pods being sold in the UK! I think I am just used to having veggies and my body is really struggling with all this concentrated fiber-less food.


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u saying that, i craved chicken ALL day today. and pastrami which i love! day 1 i needed salt, something, anything with salt in. i am a savoury person over sweet anyday so i found that odd. so the next day i went on a bullion mission and came home with 3 pots!
Well, after ignoring my broccoli craving, I lost my appetite completely and felt so sick that I ended up eating a sandwich at 9PM after having nothing but water all day. Lesson learned, I think I need to go ahead and have vegetables if that means I can stay on this diet. As long as they are low carb I don't think it will hurt anything. I was wondering, why did I get so sick and lose my appetite?.. and then I wondered if it was my body using exclamation points because I had ignored the question marks. I will do the shakes and soups again tomorrow... and if i start craving veg, i will have some. maybe that will keep me from getting nauseated. This diet is definitely trial and error.

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