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Very Annoyed

Hi everyone

I weighed this morning, as I have been feeling very depressed the last couple of days, and thought that by weighing and seeing that I had lost weight it would make me feel motivated again. Well it didn't!!

I got on the scales, and I am exactly the same weight as I was on Monday! How is that possible? How can I not lose even a pound when I have stuck to SS 100% since I started and I've done 2 aerobics classes this week!

I feel even more depressed now, and feel like giving up :cry:
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You will have lost the inches hun.

Please dont be disheartened. I had the same thing on week 4. I lost a measly 2lb and was annoyed! But when i got measured with the tape i'd lost 5 ins altogether from various places!

Does you CDC not measure you as well as weigh you? If not, you should ask her to measure you, that's what she is supposed to do!!


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I know it's hard but try not to weigh yourself at home. Trust in the diet, if you stick to it you cannot fail to lose weight. You may plateau but you will lose inches still.

I can find that some days my weight does not shift for 3 or 4 days then suddenly there'll be a 3lb drop overnight, god knows how it works but it does!

Don't give up!
I will wait till Sunday to see my CDC, and then I'll decide what to do.

If I'd cheated at all, I could understand, but I haven't cheated once, and have drank loads of water everyday and have done exercise.


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Hopefully the weight will suddenly come off! Could it be that you are retaining more water for some reason and when that stops you will suddenly see the loss? :) I don't know how this all works yet so apologies if that is wrong.

Good luck though, it will come off I am sure! It has to when you are sticking to the diet so well surely.
There could be any number of reasons why the scales havent moved - water retention, constipation, totm,

We all lose in different ways, some lose gradually every couple of days while others lose nothing for 5 or 6 days and then a couple of pounds in one go.

Stick with it, You simply have to be losing weight on 450 cals a day. The results will come. Just persevere


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If you have done too much hard exercise then that definately in my experience makes the scales slow down due to water retention and also the body just can't cope with it, I always tell my clients to do gentle exercise like swimming, toning, pilates, yoga and certainly not aerobics as you haven't got any glycogen in your body to cope with it.

If you do more toning and stretching then you will be fine and remember you have to lose weight on SS as ultimately nobody can maintain body weight on 450 calories a day!! It has to work so don't worry about it.



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Mike is absolutely right! You shouldn't be doing strenuous exercise whilst sole sourcing, it will wipe you out and force the body to retain water... big style, trust me on this one I tried, and stopped torturing myself after 2 weeks of pants weight loss and feeling like I'd run a marathon!
The other thing to take from this is.....

I'm sure that you're shrinking, please don't let a random number on the scale trick you into any other conclusion!
Thanks for your replies. I tried on a dress this morning, which I tried to get into 2 weeks ago, and the zip wouldn't even do up a little bit. This morning, the zip did up over half the way, so I was very happy.

I will cut back on aerobics, which is a shame, because I paid for the membership before starting CD

Is cycling ok to do on CD?

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