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Very Bad Dream =(


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Last night, i had a dream i ate a piece of very thick bread covered in butter - it was delish!!! but then for a split second when i woke up i actually thought i had eaten it! :cry:anyone else experience dreams like this?

Im not even craving food or feeling hungry so i dont understand!! lol
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One last chance
Oh god yes! maaaany many many times. But usually, I'm always dreaming about eating fried chicken. It's very common, a lot of people have had this experience. There's nothing really to worry about :D


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Phew!! lol
Thought i was going mad or something for a second then!!
:banana dancer:
i have had very strange dreams this week not always about food but very odd ones mmm


Here we go again!
My dreams also seem very vivid at the mo. Wake up thinking they have actually happened. Also had a strange dream about turkish delight, something I didn't eat anway.


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Maybe your taste buds are changing! :)
Yep I have had the same, and every time I wake up thinking the same thing. I have dreamed about eating chicken nuggets and potato wedges, and sausage and mash with onion gravy so far.


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Yep me to at the start i used to always dream of eating roast dinners and i was worried that it feels so real you think you have spoilt it. I dont dream as much now i wish i did and that way i would start binging in my sleep and get away with it. lol:)
yep had similar

also sometimes dreaming that i proper need a wee and having to get up to then go for one as its made me need one lol i am weird
ive had the same had 4 dreams last night 2 were the same i thought id eaten batered sausage and chips. I was like woah when i woke up. thought it was real lol
I had a dream that i went to tesco and bort and ate a chicken ceaser wrap! then woke up trying to work out if it was real or not whilst my mind was wakeing up in te shower


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my mum an dad went to kenya today on holiday, and last night i dreampt my mum had done a hugeee buffet in our kitchen! she made the most amazin egg mayo rolls that you cook in the oven ha and made me eat a whole plate of them...

then proceeded to shake her head in disgut at me cos id broken my diet!!
woke up mortified!!


I will be skinny again!!!
hehe, yup we are all having it!!

I dreamt last night i was eating a big huge bag of peanut m&ms and my boyfriend had knock me on concious to get them off me lol!!
Lol Cherry! Can't say I've had any of these dreams but I may have and just not remembered :)


I will be skinny again!!!
lol i remembered because my bf said i was talkin in my sleep and asked him why he had to hit me..

He was like what the hell are you talking about???? and woke me up to ask me lol!!

hahah :D
:rotflmao: Brilliant! :p


I will be skinny again!!!
I feel sorry for my boyfriend some times, he has to put up with alot from me lol! !

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