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very bad weekend *food mentioned*


100% all the way!
I had a very bad weekend ;-(

Basically my niece (hubbys side) is 15 with two kids. She started to send me msgs on facebook, saying that I was a fat b*tch and I was ugly and will never have children etc etc and to take the biscuit my hubby mum said that she had spoken to her and the niece claimed it was me sending nasty msgs!

I have called her (hubbys mum) and set the record straight but feel sooooo low....how could I let a 15 year olds comments get me this way?

I know she is young and she has always been a trouble, but it really got me down :-(

So I started eating! I won't go into what I ate...chinese.......burgerking.........bbq on sat......I'm so annoyed!

Why does people taking the pee out of me make me do this? surely it should make me stronger and more determined! But NO!

I will get back on it today but i feel i have let myself down....i've lost nearly 3 stone now and have done so well I don't wana let this get me down.

I already take anti-depressants, and have a history of depression and since I've been on this diet I felt great....now I feel so low and have no go in me.

Sorry for the neg post but wanted to get it off my chest!

Hope everyones elses weekend had not been as bad as mine! xxx
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Sh*t happens hun, just remove her from your friend list and block her from being able to see you. If she can't communicate with you then she can't hurt you.

At 15 with two kids(Excuse me for saying this but WTF??) ... she's the one with real problems, and they're not going to go away for some years to come!

Put the day down to experience and learn from it.... stay away from that sort of stress you don't need it.

it's occurred to me that your OH and his family are having a toxic effect on you and your self esteem.
make this the excuse to loose the weight jsut think by christmas you will be the one laughing you could be another 5 6 stone down by then easy

make this the reason for your determnation use it to your advantage. Sounds like the parents need to get a grip of your niece


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Sorry that you have had a rotten weekend. Some people are just plain nasty, many of which are "family". Good advice above about blocking her from your Facebook site (and any other sites) and ignoring it.

Put the binge behind you, drink plenty of water and start this week afresh. You have done really well, 3st gone forever, this weekend won't undo the great work you have already done - you just need to get back on track and stay focussed.

Take care x


Life is golden
Sorry you got to feel so bad n lo. You know some people r just plain evil. And of course U shouldn't pay attention to the twat, but when self-esteem is lo we just go there. So just pick up the pieces n keep going. it's the best you can do 4. U! Keep up the great W8 loss btw!
Ignore her completely! she sounds like a very nasty madame! And 15 with 2 kids? she should be spending more effort in keeping her legs shut, than commenting on you. You have been doing fab! dont let anyone pull you down! and DONT beat yourself up over your weekend of eating. It happened, nothing you can do about it, so no point spending anymore time thinking about it. Its only a minor bump in the road and you will feel much better and proud of yourself if you get straight back on it :) And drink lots of water! And from looking at your previous loses you lose more than a stone a month, so it wont be effecting your target date. So stay possitive, even if it can seem the hardest thing to do :)


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agree with the others hun, delete/block her off facebook, concentrate on your weight loss journey, and let her concentrate on birth control for a change!!!!!

Your better than she will ever be.....at least you can lose the weight, she will always be a poisonous little b*tch!



One day at a time!
Ooops! That's the kind of mistake I make too - not just a mini-binge, not just a mega-binge but a mega-mega-binge - and doesn't it make you feel rubbish! But nothing stops you putting that food into your mouth and then hating yourself for it does it? Well, as everyone says, just put it behind you and move on. I do think your neice was out of order and the fact that she knows how to hurt you is hard. However in life rubbish things happen and at the end of the day we are the ones who put food in our mouths! I know that I am an emotional eater - happy=eating, sad=eating and I am trying to find alternative coping methods. I guess it's not helped by your history of depression but I bet once you get to your goal you will feel a whole lot better.

I think it's a great idea to block your neice from your facebook pages and not let her get under your skin. At the end of the day she sounds like a kid with a whole lot of problems of her own and is just kicking out at someone she sees as more vulnerable. Don't know why you feel ugly - yes, you are overweight (but that's what you are doing here and dealing with) but I do think you look very pretty and will be gorgeous when those pounds have gone. Keep up the work - don't let other people sabotage all the work you've done so far.


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Some great advice above which I don't need to repeat! But spend some time working out a suitable riposte to similar comments that might come your way in future. If they don't, then great. If they do, then you'll have a ready answer. With this poisonous little madam, I'd be inclined to go with something like 'at least i can lose weight my dear, what are you going to do, have a total personality transplant?'

even if you never say it, working out what you would say might give you some satisfaction!
Don't you know: it's perfectly acceptable for the press, the media, strangers in the street and basically anyone else who feels like it to mock and ridicule fat people? After all they are nothing but a burdon, and anyway, look at them with their wobbly bits and sweat...

It's no wonder I just want to punch people :(

But yeah, there has been some good advice given above. Personally I think you should look at what positives you get out of your relationship with your OH and his family, vs. the negatives and weigh them against each other and see where that leaves you. It sounds like they are causing you a lot of unneeded stress and anxiety, which you could well do without?
Sounds like she should concentrate on keeping her knickers up for a bit instead of insulting you via facebook. What an imbecile (sp)!
Don't let one narrow minded persons comments distract you from achieving your dream x


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Poor you hun, I can understand completely how much it would upset you, negative comments like that you can well do without.

As for the food binge, file it away in the back of your mind and get back on track with cd because at the end of the day, it is not going to compromise your whole diet, it was just a blip and we all have those, just think how smug you are going to be when you get to goal, you will be slim and looking great, she will still be a teenage mum who cant keep her legs crossed and you can be a mum when you 'choose' to, she's probably jealous of you and tries to get to you the only way she can ie your weight, she sounds like an immature little ***** who does not deserve your time of day.

Thinking of you hun xx
Thanks for all of your replies, they really did help! x

I've been really down the last couple of days ( thats why I haven't replied sooner) But this morning I got up and thought NO I will NOT let this get in the way of me losing weight!. So today I have been 100% and I'm glad I had the positive change this morning as I was starting to worry that I would never get but on this!

Cheers Guys xxxx


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yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy glad you managed to pull yourself up out of it hon, besides, what does a fifteen year old know? Life will teach her some very harsh lessons as she stumbles through it while you are facing your demons and doing something about it. Love and hugs to you xxx
well done babe
keep at it your doing so well dont let a silly little girl put you of your goal !


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Well done, honey!!! Whenever you feel down or tempted by food, just come here, I do, and everyone is fandabbydosy :)

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