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Very Dark Pink verging on Purple..


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This is what colour my Ketostix went. I've only got them today and this is the first one I have done. Is this something to worry about?Just that I thought they were only supposed to go to the 1st Pink...???

I've been drinking my water... I'm now onto my 3rd Litre.

Thanks xxx:D
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Shut up Ethel
Mine was too - on day 6. My CDC didn't seem too bothered though, said it was fine. Will be interested to see the other replies!
It doesn't matter what colour they are as long as they are not the first colour. The colour has no indication of what level of ketosis you are in, you are either in ketosis or not... the darker it is the more ketones are thrown out, but it could also mean that you haven't yet drunk enough water, the darker colour could indicate that you are slightly dehydrated....


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My CDC told me to avoid the darker end as it meant I was dehydrated! But if I ever bother to do them, which isn't often I'm always dark, unless I've just drank a litre of water. I wouldn't let it bother you.
from what people say, ketostix arent that reliable and also arent necessary.
The colour can change depending on a lot of things.. for isntance if you have a large capacity bladder :) and can hold a lot of wee, then their will be more ketones which might show as darker.
First thing in the morning its usually darker.
If you have a lot of fluids quickly that goes straight through the ketones can appear very diluted.

As long as you are having the recommended amount of water and drink more if you feel thirsty, then I wouldnt fret,
Don't try to force loads of water in to get the colour to change as if you have had 3 ltres water you are prob not dehydrated,
Just drink more if you feel you need.
And you dont need to keep testing as it is just one more thing to worry about!

It doesn't necessarily mean you are dehidrated (after 3 ltrs I would definately say you're not dehydrated). It can just mean you produce a lot of ketones in your bloodstream and in order to get rid of them it has to basically have an overflow into the urine. It could just mean you have a lot of overflow hun.
I really wouldn't worry and I personally would throw away the ketostix they're horribly addictive things that aren't needed as long as you are losing weight and aren't hungry!;)

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