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Very Excited


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i have to say this site has been a life saver for me didnt use it much last time but im always in and out esp in the evening (thats when i ate the most) best of luck set urself some mini goals there a great help and also have alook online at shopping catalouges and pick out something nice you would love to buy yourself and print it out mine is stuck besde my pc its my goal top and ive started a diary (dont use it much but when i feel like eating i write in it hopin to find my triggers for eating and ive my goal dress pinned in that for my holsand i neve r were a dress last time was when i lkost the weight and the time before that my wedding


Here we go again!
Hi Snowy and good luck for Thursday. I don't blame you for being excited about Thursday and starting this and it's great that you are in the right frame of mind, I believe that you have to be to be successful on this diet.

Log on here as much as you need to cos it really can be a lifesaver. The advice on here can be invaluable. Good luck for Thursday and look forward to following your progress.
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good luck :) this site is very good i couldnt ahve got so far without it


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This site is fantastic for those afternoon lows when all I want to do is eat!
I pop on here and scroll through the posts and it reminds me what I'm working towards!!
Good Luck!
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Hi there

I was a newbie last week and like you was so excited so that makes me think I was in the right frame of mind too. This site is a lifeline. You can ask anything- someone will always have an answer. I found my first week fine. Day 3 was a bit tough alright but just to let you know if you do find some of the early days tough it honestly does get better so dont get disheartened or down about it.

Log on here anytime you need a helping hand to get you through. the people on here are truly inspirational.

Best of luck Thursday. And dont have too many "last suppers" before you start!!!


Back on the diet train...
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hey hun and wecome to the forum.:)

like every1 says this site is a life saver, just finished my 1st wk an it was made easier as wen i felt the need to eat i popped on here an sum1 wud give me the advice an support i needed 2 say NO!

well done 4 makin the decision 2 start, its tough but the results r amazin. :)

good luck on ur lipotrim journey!!!

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