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very hungry today???????????? ketosis?????


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
i haven`t done anything different today, but am starving with only half a shake left for tonight.
wondering if there`s any way i could`ve knocked myself out of ketosis?
i did go for a bike ride yesturday, maybe it`s the exercise
any one else had a really hungry day for no reason at all
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
If you have stuck to the plan you will still be in Ketosis.. It is probably more like a physological (sp) hunger rather than physical. Drink more water and try and keep busy. Do something to take your mind off the feeling.
Good luck you are doing great, hang in there.
Hi I have been going to the gym nearly every day and do find that I am more tired at night time, not really hungry more drained than anything. Maybe you just over done it a bit yesterday, get an early night and i'm sure you will feel much better tomorrow.

You can dream of your morning shake, lol!


nearly there!! :)
hey im on ll but have had a VERY hungry day today and was wondering the same. even afraid to test is case i have!! i havent cheated once though!! must be something in the air!! lol
I have just felt starving(must be psychological). I even stood looking into the fridge for anything 'safe'. Then, reality check kicked in, glugged half a litre of water and made my final shake. Can't believe I thought about food. Must be due on soon! lol :)


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
i have been looking at the maintence thread, as i know i`ll be moving up a step soon.
maybe it`s just the thought of eating that`s started it off..............lol
when i moved up to the 1000 plan, to keep losing mind, not because i'm done, ha, i rediscovered what hunger actually felt like. and i realised that all those times during ss when i thought i was hungry i actually wasn't. my brain was telling me to eat, not my body. it's a crafty little beggar!! when my tummy rumbled with hunger for the first time when i came out of ketosis i was really shocked because it wasn't the feeling i'd come to associate with hunger at all. i'd substituted feeling craving for feeling hunger. so try to ignore it hon. it's those little voices trying to sabotage what you have achieved. tell them to sod off!!

abz xx

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