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VERY low fat...cottage cheese....yogurt????


Roz V

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I think that ALL of the main supermarkets do VLF versions of these - you need VLF of either for it to be free. (I know someone will correct me if I'm wrong!).

In Sainsburys, which we like best, go for the Be Good To Yourself brand, in Tesco it's Lighter Choices - but it needs to be labelled 'virtually fat free' or 'less than 1% fat' to qualify as free.

No doubt there are some exceptions, but I can actually remember this, so I always stick to those choices! HTH


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Asda Good for you Onion & Chive Cottage Cheese is free, as is Good for You low fat yoghurt. I take my Food Directory with me shopping now and check everything. It's a god send
0% fat natural yogurt that has a thicker tecture is TOTAL and they also do a less than 3% fat one if u cant get hold of the 0%, but as already said, anything virtually fat free or very low is fine xxx
with regards to the cottage cheese stay away from the ones with pineapple in as they tend to have syns hon
Yeah i do looooove the pinapple ones!! but if they are syns i will just stick to plain, thanks guys! xx
Does anyone have a food directory they could check the TESCO low fat cottage cheese with pineapple for me ?

Thanks muchly!

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