Very pissed off and annoyed


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Why is it when your on a diet and people ask which one, they feel the need to ALWAYS say 'Oh be careful on that, it's only water after all your loosing' or 'No food ?! What so ever ?! - Surely that's not safe ?' and then give you pitying looks.

I am so fed up with these comments from people that I'm just saying I'm doing WW now, it guarantees me no narky comments. I socialise a lot at the moment due to being home off work on mat leave, but the 'good advice' is wearing thin on the ground :(

Anyone else get this ?
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Yes - I got it when I started in September, as I lost weight and still. I have tried to ignore it all - and have so far lost over 5 stones. In a sense people criticise because they care, but no one can know except you how you feel. I was desperate to lose weight and so made myself single minded and determined. I had (have?) serious food issues and the lack of choice and strict rules on LT make it easy for me to stick to.
Another point is that if (like me) you've always been big, people know you as a big person, and can't imagine you any other way. If they like you the way you are, the won't want you to change so subconsciously may try to talk you out of losing weight.
About losing water - that's true for the first couple of weeks, that's why in any diet you lose loads in the early stages. It's when the losses moderate that fat is going, but sadly that is when many people lose heart then put it all back on. I think yo yo dieters only ever really lose water because they're not in it for the long haul.

I truly wish you all the best on WW. Be strong and do this weight loss thing for yourself! Good luck lovie.



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Your not getting rid of me that easily ;)

I'm staying with LT as I know I have the motivation to stick to it 100%, was just saying that I will be telling ppl I'm doing WW from now on as I am fed up with the negative comments from people when I say I am doing a VLCD. :)


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i'm doing W8 (i look at other threads for motivation!) and people look at me as though they feel sorry for me. that annoys me.


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Yes i had i had it last time but then everyone saw the results so no one has said it this time....yet! I use to tell them a diet which doctors recommend to some people can't be unsafe, IDIOTS!
It is annoying as most of them have never struggled with their weight so have no idea!

mrs bee

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I get this a lot. What annoys me is that my 'friends' don't credit me with the intelligence to actually read up on these things 1st! I have a huge amount to lose and this is what works for me-nuff said!
I do sometimes think there is a certain level of jelousy that comes with these remarks!
~Good luck xx


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Your not getting rid of me that easily ;)

I'm staying with LT as I know I have the motivation to stick to it 100%, was just saying that I will be telling ppl I'm doing WW from now on as I am fed up with the negative comments from people when I say I am doing a VLCD. :)

Sorry love. It's early ;-)

Glad you're staying on LT! Good luck with it (and no more tasting!!!!)



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In my experience, telling them that your doctor put you on this diet (which they can do) tends to shut everyone up as if a doctor recommends it, then it must be ok! I've also found that when you've lost a lot of noticeable weight, all those who pulled their faces and made nasty jealous comments all of a sudden become very interested in this magical diet and want to know how to go about getting on it too. Five of my family members and friends have now gone on this diet with me. My sister has gone from a size 18 to a size 10 (hate her :) ) and I reckon she's had about 10 friends follow her after seeing how well she's done, most of whom thought she was mad when she first started on it.
me too .. most people I speak to are very sceptical and most say that I will put it all back on as soon as I start eating again .. which I do not plan to do as I have not been through all this to regain .. I hope to join WW when I am near goal and keep an eye on it that way .
The loosing water thing makes me laugh .. yes the first week or two is a lot of water ... but there is no way I have lost nearly 4 stone of WATER lol .. how much water do these people think we carry around ???
I just ignore everyone as I know it is working for me and dont give a stuff what other people think !!!


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I get this too - and I explain that not carrying the weight is healthier than keeping it - no matter how I do it.

Good luck and well done for sticking with it. xx


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Do you know what? Doing this diet and listening to other people opinions has actually given me food for thought. Inthe past I have been quick to give an opinion on something that has been a gut instinct, I find that my train of thought now is 'Would my opinion hurt them/demotivate them - are they happy?' What does it matter what I think?

I have made that sound like I am constantly giving negative feedback to people, and I don't honest. I just have a more live and let live attitude now.

Good luck hon, you are doing really amazing things here and when you get to goal, like has been said above, they will all be wanting more info and looking at you in whole new light when they try it for themselves.

Sammylou xx


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Yer, I got it too, one girl, who is a little on the large size too, but doesn't want to diet told me I would give myself diabetes by going into ketosis, that's actually how I found this site, as I was googling lipotrim, so all I am going to say to her when I get back to work is thanks! For putting me in touch with such motivating people



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Me too - but all the people who say this dont really know what they are talking about.
And i agree with Mrs bee, i think some of what they say is jealousy. If its from a bigger girl then she probably doesnt like the idea of not having another bigger friend.
And if its from a skinny girl then she probably doesnt want to have another skinny friend to compete with.

Thats just what i think when friends comment on this diet. Doesnt mean its true for everyone else!


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ignore ignore ignore, is what i am doing this time around , i got loads of stick last time even from people i thought was my friends then when i got so far every 1 was telling me OHH COME OFF NOW YOUR TO THIN ...... is my body my life, i choose what i want to do not them , they are just prob jealouse at end of day and have no will power to even think of doing a diet like this , :)

rainbow brite

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I find this thread interesting. Last time around I kept it quiet for the first few weeks but once the weight came off I truly didn't care who heard I was on a TFR - I was so happy with the results I'd have happily shouted it from the rooftops. Unfortunately this devil-may-care attitude didn't help me out when the weight went back on and I hate the fact that I can feel people looking at me and I know what they're thinking.... 'oh yeah, such a good diet she said but we TOLD her she'd put it all back on!'

I put the weight back on through my own fault and stupidity - nothing to do with LT.

This time around I've told two people. My grandmother (I had to - she was trying to force-feed me until I waved my shaker in her face!) and my friend who was pretty much going to find out as we spend lunch times together.

I haven't even told my boyfriend.

What I, personally, hate is the fact that these people think that they have a right to tell you what to do. Not advise I might add because the force of their 'advice' says otherwise. People seem to get on their high horses about something they don't understand.

And I completely agree with mrs bee about your friends not giving you credit to research something before throwing yourself headfirst into it!

Just realised I've gone on and on but it's something that really winds me up and I just wish that people would mind their own business.

I dislike being deceitful to people when they ask me what I had for lunch (why they are so interested I don't know) but if they could be trusted to be objective about it and not so judgemental I wouldn't have to.



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I agree with rainbow, I feel like you do that people are watching for your weight gain, with that pressure it should stop us from letting go but unfortunately it doesn't. It's a pity they have to be so interested in our lives and waiting for us to fail.


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I have a friend who has done nothing but disapprove of this diet (as does most of his family too), because he was around people from many years ago doing similar things who were ill after being on this kind of diet. He has not let me explain that the Gp (lil white lie) has put me on this, that it will reduce the risks of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes etc. All he has done is tell me that I will put myself in hospital - because he knew people from years ago that that happened to. Well Mr I am still here 5-6 months later :D and am the fittest and healthiest I have been for years. He has barely commented on my change in shape/size etc but I think that deep down he is proud of my achievement even though he disapproves of the way that I got here. He is also one of them that says I shall put it all back on and I have told him maybe I will - not all but a little bit - thats to be expected when changing diets and eating food again.

There is no way I will allow myself to get back up to the size I was once - even if it means being on WW or something for a while after refeed. These people have never lived in our bodies, or suffered the humilations that we have had to suffer so they cannot appreciate our desperation to sort out this problem. They say eat sensible and low fat diets - its not always that easy. We have "demons" that we need to tame and doing a VLCD is one way to do that. Also most of us have 4+ stone to lose and doing that on WW or SW will take years - who has the willpower and determination to do that - I know that I don't. I have a total of around 11 stone to lose - to do that on WW or SW will take forever. At least on LT or similar the bulk of the weight can be lost relatively quickly and the mountain is less high to conquer.

I have not really been the best motivated in the last week and have nibbled on some protein 2-3 times so I think that I will have a low loss on Monday but I will have to get refocused and do it right from now on - I like being slimmer and want to be even more slim - food will be there in a couple or three months time, this diet is only a temporary thing but hopefully for a long term result. (I know it sounds as though I am trying to boost myself - I am a bit.).

As regards to my friend - he does not rule my life - he can say how much he disapproves but in the end its only because he cares.


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I've had a lot of that too, I had a couple of "friends" for example who told me to stop doing tne diet after I had lost 2 stone, telling me that I'd be far too skinny if I carried on, although it was nice of them to say, I was still 16 stone and knew damn well that I wasn't too skinny by far! I think they just didn't want me to get any thinner!

But then on the other side of it, I stopped Lipotrim about 7 months ago at just under 14 stone because I felt happy with myself and I was staring to get reeaaallly dizzy, which I'll admit can't have been doing me many favours, and my boyfriend asked me to stop cos he could see me standing still for 30 seconds every so often waiting for my sight to return!

But other than that I've had a lot of "you know people who lose weight that fast put it back on twice as fast and then some"'s and "it can't be good for you"'s. To which I answer "If I'm back to where I was in 3 months THEN you can tell me that" and "being overweight/obese can't be that good for you either and at least I'm doing something about it!" :)

Anyway, just if you were wondering... I am back on it now, just to shift the last stone! And people dont seem to be as funny with methis time round! :)

Keep doing what you're doing unless you feel it's doing you harm or until you feel comfortable! Some people say things who genuinely worry, but a lot of it is just assumption, uninformed, or jealousy!

Good luck with it all and sorry for the really long post!!

Sal x


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Yes, last time round I got a lot of comments and never positive at friend,who is a specialist in cancer was horrified and I just havent told her this time is just less hassle to be honest and I dont see her that often.

People, in some ways, are right to be sceptical, and I hate to say that, but I was testament because I piled the weight back on!!!! So, in some ways, I feel it is up to me to prove them wrong next time!!!!!!! Most of the people I know who have done LT have put it all back on and more besides, so yes, I think in some ways the comments are justified...sorry guys, but I am being honest.....

I am getting the comments again with the ones I have told, but I just hope this time around I am able to prove them all wrong and give them something positive to talk about! The only one person that is positive is my hubby, cause he sees how happy I am when I am on Lt and that I am doing something positive and not negative.

So, girls and guys,,it is up to us to start proving the cirtics wrong and that we can maintain after we have lost all our horrible pounds!

Sometimes it is best not to say anything, but it isnt always that, we have to unfortunately take the stick! grrrrrr