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Very Positive :D CD Going Great :D


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S: 10st13lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(2.61%)
Hellloooo just thought id pop a message on cos there seems to be a lot of negativity on here last night. Well im into my 2nd week after losing 10.5lbs at first weigh in on wednesday, and its going great, the first loss is what you need to give you a kick up the backside and make you realise this diet DOES work and its well worth it!!!

I struggled with my first week craving food and DIET COKE I had headaches and dizzyness and was starving to say the least. For anyone just starting and struggling believe me these feelings pass Im now full of energy and have no cravings for food what so ever! My mum keeps putting muffins on top of my box of CD in the kitchen lol and the first week i wanted 2 kill her now i just move any tempting foods out the way and doesnt bother me at all cos i dont want to eat it!

Im hoping to reach my first stone next wednesday but even if i dont any loss is fine by me the scales are moving in the right direction!! Ive managed to stay 100% and I think any newbies reading this should also stick it 100%, I keep reading many posts where people ask "Ive eaten.... how badly will it effect my WI??" All of us know and shouldnt need to ask that if we dont stick to this it will slow down the weightloss! If you stick to this 100% even though i know its hard you will wake up each morning looking in the mirror and liking more and more what you see back :rolleyes: surely thats more worth while than the 5 minit hit you'l get from eating that sandwich or slice of pizza.

Anyways I thank everyone who got me through my first week and ther'l be no more negative posts from me :D even if everything else in our lives is going tits up if we can stick to this 100% thats one great thing to be happy about! :D
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I did apologise for having bad day yesterday, and I don't usually post downers on the forum. And I'm usually one of the first to bolster/rally up. I think 4 weeks in and one down episode wasn't too bad.

Didn't really I upset everyone that much. Sorry. Won't happen again.


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S: 10st13lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(2.61%)
Im sorry i didnt mean to come across that way everyone has down days and vent as much as you like just wanted to get point across that this will work for us all we just need to stay strong and not give in and use food as our comfort when we work so hard to do this :)


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Like Lexie i had a bad day yesterday been sticking to the diet 100% ... but we have up & downs ... i felt on cloud 9 first few weeks and today i feel good again only human !
but your right i do see a lot of post where people are trying to work out what they can get away with eatting etc i just think stick to your 3 a day lots of water etc i have to confess i have 2 teas with milk and 1 coke zero and chewing gum so i am no better lol

well done on your Wi and hoping your next one will show over a stone loss how good would that be !


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I also had a "not so great day" yesterday but after encouraging words and advice on here I feel well back on track today. The great thing about this place is that it reaffirms that the diet DOES work!

Onwards and downwards...


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Lexie, you can post about how you are feeling any time hon... good or bad... we all have rough days, and minis helps us get through them. Sheesh, if I only ever posted positive stuff I'd never be on the threads at all... but the support and encouragement on here is what makes minis so special. It's for the good times and the bad!!! Don't stop sharing, because we all have those times and it helps to know we are not alone.

And Amanda's right, yesterday was a hard day for a lot of us I think... me too... but hey, we are still here today, so that has to mean something!!! And thanks Amanda for reminding us how fab CD can be... and well done on getting through your first week! I agree its a great feeling to feel you have control over one little corner of your life... but it's not always easy to keep 100% as the weeks and months roll on, or keep that motivation, and good to be able to ask for support when we need some!

Think there was a cloud over lots of us CD peeps yesterday, but sun is shining today... we can do this!!!



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geat weight loss thank 4 advice l am first day not starving but grumblie tum


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Hey .
I agree.. CD is a fab diet..... and to be honest sometimes I did struggle at the beginning reading when there was a lot of negative posts.. but.. I must say that we are all individuals and we are all going through different things in our lifes at different stages. and i think some people find it harder than others. and I guess posting on here makes them feel better as they are admitting where they had a blip or where they may feel tempted.

I am no saint for sure. but I am on my 12th week and have only ever been 100% I am really determined on cd but I know when I have been on other diets in the passed I havent been.. For me this is definately the diet and I want to do it & the quick route and also want to prove to alot of negative people out there that it works and I WILL I WILL I WILL keep it off!!

Thanks for that post Amanda.. xxx (and sorry for going on) x

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